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30 While 30


Remember this little list? With all the fabulous things I was going to do before I turned 30? Oh, 5 Months Ago Me, you were so young and naive.

But really, even when I wrote the list, I knew I wasn’t going to stress myself out in order to get all the items checked off by the big day. I just wanted to keep a record of things I’d always wanted to do, to inspire myself to finally do them. I realized a few weeks back I wasn’t likely to make chocolate mousse and violet macarons and eat a pink cake with pink frosting and a waffle cone sundae by August, though stranger things have happened. Boy, do I have a sweet tooth or what? But I did a lot of the things on this list, a lot of things I might not have done this year without it.

Like going to Amsterdam:

We arrived the night the Dutch beat Brazil. It was awesome.

and Paris:

That would be a violet macaron. I did not make it. Ladurée did.

and walking to work more times than I can count.

I got my braces off:

and threw a caramel-apple-and-flossing-party at my favorite bar:

(Yes, I really just put a picture of myself faux-flossing on the Internets. Flossing is cool, yo.)

I didn’t make it to a Farmers Market in Portland, but I did discover a fantastic one in London:

I visited a wacky museum, found the perfect red lipstick and ate that sundae in a waffle cone, all courtesy of a very fair friend. I had a Kir Royale with another Janet. I did a lot. I had a great time.

The big day is tomorrow. Today is the last day of my 20s. What! I’m not sure how that happened, but it did. And I’m looking forward to crossing off the rest of the items on my list in the coming year, and then some!



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