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Earth Day Birthday

April 22nd. Earth Day. Long before I was really a “green girl,” I always remembered this date. Why?

It’s my best friend’s birthday. Today, Kate turns 30. 30! We met when we were 14. How did that happen?

Photo credit: Trisha Brunner

3 months ago this week, Kate became a mom to baby Claire Elise. I’m in love with her and plotting ways to get her parents to move her to San Francisco. I mean, look at her. So cute I can’t stand it!

Photo Credit: Alli Lang

Kate and I met in Foods class, freshman year. We made pesto, macaroni and cheese, and raspberry pie topped with turkeys cut out of pie crust. The turkeys drowned (raspberry pie, it turns out, is very juicy). We worked together at the best ice cream shop in the world and often ate ice cream for breakfast, and then again after lunch (oh, to be 15 again!). I moved to San Francisco when we were 16, but we stayed in touch with visits and long phone calls about boys, school, and… boys. In college, I’d go down to visit her in San Diego, and let’s just say we had quite a few adventures. We actually only lived in the same city (San Diego, after college) for a few years before we both moved further north, but we’re as close as ever, even if she’s up in Stupid Oregon (just kidding! I love Oregon! I just wish it was closer). I was her Maid of Honor, and she’ll be my Matron, if I ever find that Bright Green Boy.

Today, I’m wishing Kate a very, very happy birthday. It’s only fitting she shares the day with one honoring our planet. I love them both a lot.

Hey, Kate! Remember how jealous I was when you turned 16 and 21 before me? I think this is good revenge. I don’t turn 30 until August.



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