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Wedding Bells!

I just woke up at 4am and got a calf cramp a few minutes later. Ick! Guess those bananas I traded in for this week didn’t do me much good. Grr! Sad banana, indeed! Funny story: my sister and I were Facebook IMing the other day and I mentioned that I was tired. She says, “have some coffee” and then goes, “wait, have a banana.” Ha, totally made me laugh.

I’m headed up to Sonoma first thing this morning (yes, I’m still awake at 5am, not sure if going back to sleep is going to happen) for the wedding of one of my closest friends, Jen. We’ve known each other since middle school and found each other again (yay, social networking!) when I moved back up here almost 3 years ago. The wedding weekend is kicking off with a bang today – carpooling (of course!), mani/pedis, picnic lunch with all the girls and private wine tasting. I can’t wait! And the wedding itself is going to be absolutely amazing, with gourmet food (hello, Michelin star!), fabulous drink (this couple knows their wine!), a stunning location and a gorgeous bride! Not to be too sappy, but I am just so thrilled for my friend and can’t wait to share her big day!

Check out this gorgeous setting!




Pretty sweet, right? I can’t wait!

PS: Happy, happy birthday to my roommate, Jaime! Her Wedding Road Trip kicks off in just 15 days! I’m happy to say she is not just my roommate but also a great friend, confidante and sounding board. I’ll miss her a lot while she’s on the trip, but can’t wait to hear and read all about it. Have an awesome birthday, roomie!

PPS: I scheduled a few fun posts for the weekend, including a cool coupon, so make sure to stop by!



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