Pretty Green Last Minute Gift Guide: Soda Stream

Wait, Christmas is next week? Up until the big day, I’ll be highlighting great eco-friendly gifts that are easy to find in person (no waiting for online shipping).

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write this post. I’ve had a Soda Stream for over a year and I love it. LOVE it. I’m addicted to fizzy water, but always felt guilty about buying those green glass bottles, both for the packaging – even if it is glass – and because most of them are imported. For full disclosure (hi FTC! Merry Christmas!), Soda Stream sent me one of their soda makers to try out, but I truly love it, and would have bought one myself if they hadn’t.

So, for any sparkling water lovers in your life, here’s the perfect gift! It couldn’t be easier – attach the carbonator, fill the BPA-free bottle with water (I always keep an extra bottle cold in the fridge), screw it into the maker, press the button on the top a few times, wait for the somewhat loud (and, um, a little awkward) noise and voila! Bubbly water, deep from the crystal streams of your own tap. You can even mix the water with soda flavoring, though I must say I wasn’t a fan of the ingredient list on the flavorings that came with the Soda Stream (I gave them away on Craigslist), and would prefer to make my own soda syrup, though I nearly always drink the water plain or with a squeeze of citrus. Or, ok, occasionally in an egg cream. When your carbonator runs out, bring it into one of their authorized retailers to exchange for a new one at a discount, or arrange a pick-up and exchange online.

Available in a variety of colors and models, you should definitely be able to find something that works with anyone’s style. You can find the Soda Stream at Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond (bring your 20% off coupon!), Crate and Barrel, Sur La Table, Sears, Williams Sonoma and more. SF Locals: The always awesome Cole Hardware sells them as well. Note: There are a bunch of different varieties, so I’d suggest calling ahead to see what your local store has in stock.

Perfect paired with: Stainless steel straws

For more information on how the Soda Stream is green, click here.



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2 responses to “Pretty Green Last Minute Gift Guide: Soda Stream

  1. Brilliant! I, too, love fizzy water. What a great idea to make it at home!

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