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Bike Basket Pies

I am officially the worst Jew ever.

Ok, maybe not the worst ever. But, Passover started last night, and today I’m blogging about…pie. I ate two pies today. Sweet pie, and savory pie. Cupcake-sized pies, made with organic, local (backyard-local whenever possible!), and seasonal ingredients, and – get this – delivered via bike. God, I love SF. Sorry, fellow Jews. If you’re looking for a more Passover-appropriate recipe, check out this delicious Matzo Brittle from my friend Kasey at eating/sf.

Back to pie. Oh, this delicious Bike Basket Pie. I know Natalie of the pies and baskets though my sister, who used to work with her and is now helping her grow delicious pie-ingredients, like onions and leeks, chard and spinach. She pays her in pie, and tips in beer. I wouldn’t object if my employer wanted to start paying me this way.

What is a Bike Basket Pie, you ask? It’s just the most delicious cupcake-sized treat you can imagine. And I say this as huge lover of the cupcake . Natalie has perfected her crust – it’s perfectly flaky, and flavorful, and… perfect. Perfectly perfect. I’ve only tried three flavors so far – shaker lemon, apple, and potato, leek & cheddar, and I’m dying to try more (see the full menu here). The shaker lemon is made with Meyer lemons grown in Natalie’s neighborhood, and the way the sweet, candied lemon settles into the crust is just out of this world. Natalie delivered me that goodie today, and it was all I could do to save it for after lunch. And for dinner? This little guy, packed full of leeks, cheese and potato. I paired it with a simple salad of spring greens, walnuts, tangerine and goat cheese, drizzled with California Olive Ranch Arbequina, which I discovered via my friend Allison. It was such a nice meal. Even if I did eat it while watching American Idol.

Natalie delivers via bike throughout the flat areas of San Francisco, and can be found at events like Taste the Mission Tour. Pies are $5 when delivered, $4 if you find her on the street. She has a variety of vegan or butter-filled treats available every week. San Franciscans, you’re missing out if you haven’t tried them yet. Get on that.

Photo credit: Andy Smith



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Tulips in Bloom

As long as I’ve lived in San Francisco, I’ve wanted to visit the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden while the tulips were in bloom. I once even lived a mere 10-minute walk away, and I never made it at exactly the right time of year. For shame! The garden, with its Dutch Windmill, is one of my favorite spots in the city, and while there are beautiful flowers year round, the garden’s namesake bloom is my all-time favorite. To ensure I’d get there this year, I put it on my 30 before 30 List.

I’m so glad I did.

The Queen Wilhelmina Garden is located at the very edge of Golden Gate Park, almost at the ocean, and right near the Beach Chalet. San Franciscans, I highly recommend you get there ASAP, as I can’t imagine the tulips will be around much longer. While you’re in the area, have a mimosa on the back lawn at the Park Chalet, and watch the little kids running around kicking soccer balls. Take a stroll by the beach. Maybe even bring a book and a blanket and make yourself at home with Queen W. With this weather we’ve been having, I can’t imagine a lovelier day.


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30 Before 30

Hi friends.

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Where have I been?

I’ve been off in London working and swapping shoes with my favorite coworker.

I’ve been in Portland, visiting a tiny, sweet little baby.

I’ve been back in San Francisco, feeling guilty about my carbon footprint while simultaneously plotting a way to travel as much as possible in the coming year. I’ve been gone too long, but I’m back. I’ll try to stick around this time.

What else have I been doing with my time? Oh, fretting about turning 30. The big day is in August, and while I’m SO not ready (wasn’t I just, like, 24?), I almost wish it would hurry up and get here, because the anticipation has got to be worse. However, the alternative to turning 30? Not so great, right? So I’m embracing another decade (gulp!), or at least pretending I am, for now.

To make these next few months not only pain-free, but also as FUN as possible, I’ve decided to take inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers. Her name is Janet, and she’s adorable, and lest you think I’ve suddenly become both conceited and a fan of the third person, I am not talking about myself. I loved Janet from Slice of Pink’s Thirty Before Thirty list, and have decided to blatantly steal from her. You don’t mind, do you J?

So, here goes. In no particular order, my 30 before – ahhhh! – 30. I’m counting on you guys to hold me to these. I will cross them off as I go, marking the date. I’ve got a few days short of 5 months. And… GO!

1. Have a Kir Royale at Crown & Crumpet with Janet from Slice of Pink 3/6/10 (Day 1, Item 1 down!)
2. Visit at least 1 European City besides London July 2-8, 2010 – Amsterdam and Paris!
3. Eat a slice of pink cake with pink frosting (not a cupcake) 8/5/10
4. Take a day trip to Point Reyes
5. Pick summer berries at a U-Pick Berry Farm
6. Eat dinner on an organic farm
7. Get makeup professionally done. Find perfect shade of red lipstick. 7/24/10, courtesy of my fair-going friend
8. Make violet macarons
9. Take a mud bath 8/5/10
10. Spend the day in Oakland and/or Berkeley 8/4/10
11. Visit the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden while the tulips are in bloom 3/28/10
12. Take an SF City Guides Walking Tour 06/06/10 – Gold Rush City Tour
13. Do the Anchor Steam brewery tour
14. Visit a Farmers Market in Portland, OR
15. Buy at least 3 vegetables I’ve never tried, at a Farmers Market. Eat them.
16. Do karaoke for the first time (with my sister)
17. Redesign pretty green girl (!!!)
18. Go on a mini-trip and stay at a hotel by myself (not for work) 8/2/10 – Just barely fit this one in!
19a. Get braces off 3/11/10 WOO PARTY! 19b. Throw celebratory “Caramel Apple and Flossing” party 3/26/10
20. Visit Playland-Not-at-the-Beach 7/24/10 Thanks, Jaime and Chris
21. Jump in ocean waves
22. Walk to work at least 3 times 3/29/10 (1st time) 4/30/10 (2nd time), done this multiple other times!
23a. Take cable car to work and walk the rest of the way. 23b. Get a cute picture on the cable car (a. and b. can be on separate occasions)
24. Write at least one complete chapter of the novel in the back of my head
25. Try a really fancy champagne (TBD – Cristal or Dom Perignon?)
26. Make homemade chocolate mousse
27. Take a knife skills class 4/11/10
28. Take my Dad to Bourbon & Branch for drinks
29. Try a Bikram Yoga class
30. Get a walkaway sundae at Swensen’s (it’s a sundae in a waffle cone, people!) 7/24/10 Thank you, J

What’s on your list? In SF and want to join me for any of these? Let me know!


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