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Pretty Green Tip of the Day: Green Print

I realized after a conversation with friends lately that I hardly print anything at work! I know I am lucky, and that most people do have a lot more paperwork at their jobs, but I’ve found there is a lot you can do on the computer instead of on paper. I used to print out my weekly work schedule and check things off throughout the week, but now I keep it as an Excel document and use the strikethrough function – just as satisfying to check something off your list! I also keep a master Grocery List saved on my desktop with the things I usually buy. I used to print it, but I’ve decided to start copying it onto leftover scratch paper – old envelopes work great for this. Or, if I do decide to print the list, I’ll keep it in my purse or wallet and use it several times before reusing the piece of paper for something else.

Anyway, here’s my tip: when you do have to print something, head right on over to the printer to pick it up! If not, you are much more likely to have to print it again later, for various reasons – you forgot, it got lost in the shuffle of someone else’s printing job, someone else accidentally picked it up, etc!




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What I’m Cooking Today: Eggs with Chanterelles and Leeks

I was starving after my trip to the Farmers Market this morning, but decided I could make something delicious at home as opposed to spending $10 for breakfast at the Market (though I’m sure it would have been delicious).

On the menu:

Leeks and chanterelle mushrooms sauteed in a little butter, then scrambled with 2 eggs
Sliced strawberries (organic and from CA! I picked them up at Bi-Rite yesterday)
Sliced pear, from the Farmers Market
Grapes from the Farmers Market
Whole wheat toast, from bread bought at a local bakery (Noe Valley Bakery), with real butter

If anyone’s curious, I calculated out the nutritional info for this meal: there are 371 calories and 18 grams of protein. Not bad for a filling breakfast made with real butter and other “real” ingredients!


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Farmer’s Market Bounty

I woke up early this morning and decided to head to the Farmers Market at the SF Ferry Building. The weather’s kind of yucky and rainy here, but I decided to take the bus anyway, as it is an easy trip from my house, and one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to drive less. I believe this Farmers Market has been rated one of the best in the country, and for good reason! I feel so lucky to live in California where we have access to wonderful produce year round! Here’s what I got:


2 (delicious!!) pears
2 Pink Lady Apples
1 Granny Smith apple
1 chanterelle mushroom
Humanely-raised filet mignon from Marin Sun Ranch
Red onion
Certifed Humane ground beef
Red pepper

*Yes you are seeing that correctly – it’s in a plastic bag! I brought my own mesh bags, but I also have a drawer where I keep plastic bags that I happen to get from time to time – sometimes my CSA gives me produce in them, or I save bags that bread or English muffins came in, etc. Might as well reuse them if you’ve got them!

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Pretty Green Tip of the Day: Let’s Mesh

So you’ve got your cute, convenient reusable bags ready to go, but then you get to the grocery store and you still have to use plastic to bag your produce. Not anymore! I use these cotton muslin and net/mesh bags from to keep my grocery trips as plastic-free as possible. They are totally inexpensive and easy to throw into your purse or the bag you’re bringing for your groceries anyway. If I forget them, I usually just go sans plastic. There are plenty of fruits and veggies that don’t even need to be bagged – and you’re going to wash them when you get home anyway. I hope. has tons of other great products – stainless steel water bottles, compostable bags, lunch bags, baby bottles. Check it out!



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No Crying Over Spilled Water

I just had kind of a ridiculous “pretty green” moment. I opened the fridge just once, after waiting to put a few things away and a glass bottle of sparkling water fell out and spilled all over the floor.

I decided to use the water to mop up the floor a bit. Why not? It’s on my to-do list for tomorrow anyway! Now I’ll get it partially over with and not waste the already spilled water. I’m such a geek! 🙂

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What I’m Cooking Today: Royal Purple

My CSA is off this week, and I just ran out of vegetables! After a fun boot camp class at the gym, I was totally craving Brussels sprouts (I’m weird, I know), but Whole Foods only had ones imported from Mexico. Boo! So I had to improvise. I picked up some California-grown organic purple cauliflower and broccoli to roast, and made a Fulton Valley chicken breast with pan gravy, from a Rachael Ray (hey, she’s not so bad IN PRINT) magazine recipe.


Roasted Cauliflower & Broccoli
Preheat oven to 400-425
Cut cauliflower and broc into even sized pieces, mix with small amount of olive oil (I used 1 tsp) and sea salt. Roast!

That’s it! I roasted them for about 30 minutes – just enough to the point where they were fork-tender with browned edges.

Chicken Breast with Pan Gravy (original recipe here)

You need:
Chicken breast
Shallots, minced
Wine (white or red, doesn’t matter)
Stock or broth (I used a veg bouillon cube – way less packaging! – mixed with boiling water)
Salt, pepper

Preheat oven to 400
Salt and pepper both sides of one chicken breast (the one I used was just under 6 oz)
Heat up one tsp olive oil over medium heat in a pan (I used stainless steel). When pan is hot, add chicken and sear one side for about 2 minutes. You’ll know it’s ready when it easily releases from the pan and doesn’t stick. Flip and sear the other side for another minute or two. Throw the whole pan in the oven for approx 15-18 minutes, depending on the the thickness of the breast.

Remove pan from oven and set on the stovetop over medium heat. Don’t forget the pan handle is hot!! I use a silicone handle sleeve, but before I got that, I burned myself many times. D’oh! Set the chicken aside on a plate to rest. Meanwhile, add the minced shallots (amount to your liking – I used a bunch!) to the pan and saute for a minute or two. Add wine (I used 2 oz of cab) and cook until slightly reduced, then add broth (I used about 1/3 cup), bring to a boil and let reduce. Add the chicken back to the pan to warm up a little. Serve with the sauce spooned over the chicken – and over the veggies, too, if you’d like!

This was a very purple meal, between the cauliflower and the wine reduction! Mmm, Anthocyanins. Nutritious, pretty low-calorie, and easy to make!

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