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I used to subscribe to about 15 magazines. Women’s glossies, fitness and lifestyle monthlies, gossip rags: you name it, I probably got it in the mail. But over time, I not only grew bored with the content (you can only read 12 Ways to Lose Weight While Roasting an Engagement Chicken and Pleasing Your Man so many times), but also realized all that ink and paper wasn’t exactly green. Now, I subscribe to only a select few mags that I really enjoy (Whole Living, Real Simple, Sunset) and make sure to pass them along to friends or leave them at the laundromat when I’m done to extend their lifecycle. These days, I tend to do most of my reading online (and on my Kindle). I guess it’s a choice of cost: MacBook energy vs. trees, but somehow, it just feels a little greener and less wasteful. Anyway, this is basically a long, circuitous way of saying: I like blogs. A lot. Where my mailbox was once stuffed, now it’s my Google Reader that’s filled to the brim. Blogs make me laugh like magazines never did. And here are some of the posts that have made me laugh the hardest lately.

Nothing But Bonfires: Brought To You By The Letter Q

This post literally made me laugh so hard I cried. Thank Q, Holly.

Peas and Thank You: Bah Bah Pickle

You don’t need to be vegan or a mom (I’m neither) to appreciate the hilariousness that is Mama Pea. This video of her daughter cracks me up to no end. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve watched it several times this week. This one, too.

Homefries: Joy the Baker Podcast

Ok, so it’s not a blog post, but it is courtesy of two of my favorite bloggers, Joy the Baker and my friend “Tracy from” I had to stop listening to their podcasts on the bus, because once I laughed so hard I think I scared a Marina Girl. I’m telling you: Episode 8. Mos Def. Trust me.




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2 responses to “Around the Internet

  1. Wahoo! Janet’s back to blogging. So nice to see! Gosh, I’m behind on Joy the Baker podcasts big-time. Going to need to remedy that! xox.

  2. Found your blog through Tracy Shutterbean, and I’m glad to find another Joy the Baker podcast enthusiast! The Mos Def episode is seriously the most hilarious moment that has every happened in that podcast. Bonkers crazy. Anyways, love the blog!

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