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Pretty Greenscopes

Sad news in Pretty Green Girl land. Unfortunately, last week I was laid off from my full-time job. It wasn’t a shock (in this economy and at a start-up!), but I’m still really bummed out. I have absolutely no hard feelings, and only good – fabulous, in fact – things to say about the people and the company. I’ll really miss my great coworkers and fun work, but know I’ll stay in touch, and I’m excited about the opportunities out there for me (stay tuned!). Plus, I won’t have to commute anymore, and think I may actually be able to go car-less. I’m looking on the bright (green) side! Anyway, if anyone’s seeking a writer, freelance or otherwise, I’d love to hear about it. My specialties are pop culture (celebrity gossip and music, etc), Horoscopes (see below) and, obviously, green and “light green” content.

As I mentioned, of the coolest things I got to do at my old job was write Horoscopes. The ones I wrote were published through a Facebook application and on mobile phones, and I got a ton of great and hilarious feedback from the users. Things like, “OMG, this is soooOO my life, I feel like there stalking my Facebook page” (sic) and “this is so true my cuzn was totally late and i was so psd but in the end its okay cause we still got their on time and saw the boy i like and it wuz awesome.” (say what?)

Anyway. Since I’ll really miss that aspect of my job, I’ve decided to start writing the occasional Pretty Greenscopes here on PGG. I hope you like them! Please pass along the link if you do. 🙂 Ok, time to look into my (green!) crystal ball…


Pretty Greenscopes

Aries: Though the grass always seems greener on someone else’s (low-water!) lawn, to others, your grass looks pretty darn green. Focusing on what others have distracts you from the amazing things you have going on in your own life. Take a look from the outside at how good you have it.

Taurus: A friend’s toxic attitude will completely shock you this week. How can something you care about so dearly be of so little importance to someone else? Spend a little time explaining where you’re coming from (without being preachy!), and they just might start to come around.

Gemini: Feeling guilty for what you’re not doing will get you nowhere. Dwelling on the negative will only drag you down, and distract you from all the amazing things you have accomplished. Focus on the positive changes you have made, and the good that has come from them.

Cancer: You’ve been feeling a bit low-energy lately, but chemicals and sugar won’t solve your problem. Fresh air and a good talk with a friend (ok, and maybe a little organic, fair-trade caffeine) are just the pick-me-up you need to snap back into it.

Leo: Something you never thought you’d like – or even try! – has become such an important part of your life. Going without for even a few days seems completely foreign. Don’t deprive yourself. It’s time to restock.

Libra: You are so sick of someone questioning your values and the choices you’ve made for yourself. You don’t judge others for their lifestyles, so it would be nice if people would return the favor. Luckily, your articulate defense of your own choices should shut them up this week, though you know it won’t last!

Virgo: If you want a fresh start, strike now! You keep saying you’re going to start a new habit, or end an old bad one, but you haven’t done it yet. So quit dawdling. If you’re gonna do it anytime, it’s now.

Scorpio: Think small this week. You don’t have to make big, monumental changes to make a difference. Acting now and making small changes as they occur to you is better in the long run than waiting for the perfect moment to do something big.

Sagittarius: Sometimes, even when you’re right, you just have to let it go. Acting like a know-it-all won’t win you any friends, and it may turn people against your cause. You’re better off preaching to the choir than to those who refuse to sing.

Capricorn: A change you recently made is having a much larger impact than you anticipated. It’s set off a chain reaction among your friends, family and colleagues, and you couldn’t be more proud to be spreading the word.

Aquarius: You’re green with envy about a friend’s recent purchase, but deep down, you know it wasn’t a smart decision in this economy or environment. Keeping that in mind will keep your envy at bay.

Pisces: The whole truth is far more complicated than you thought. Something you always believed in will be tested this week, and it’s up to you to do your research and separate fact from science fiction.


I am assuming your comments will be more coherent than the ones on Facebook.



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