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Here It Goes Again

Oh man, I just found out I got a spot in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I didn’t get the official notification yet, but they charged my card, so I guess I’m in! I’m excited for the challange, and the Mile-of-Chocolate and all, but man… does this mean I have to train again? 😉 At least it’s not until October! I totally didn’t think I’d get picked.


Actually, this will give me a great opportunity to be greener. I’ve been sticking to the treadmill lately (bad green girl!), but this will spur me to do more outside runs. I have an easier time doing speed work on the treadmill, but I’ll push myself to work on this outside. Anyone have any tips for outdoor speed work? I’m thinking I’ll pick some landmarks to sprint between!

By the way, my title was inspired both by the fact that I’m going to have to start training for another half (I did 2 last year, despite not being able to run 5 miles straight last January!) and the best running/sprinting song ever. Also, another green thing that I’ve been meaning to post about – I still have the same iPod mini I’ve had for 4-5 years. It works great, though I had to get a new battery once. Keeping what you already have instead of buying new stuff – totally green!

While we’re talking running, here’s a pic of me and some friends doing a Mock 5K last year. A friend’s friend was in a coma, and they organized a 5K in LA, so we were the honorary SF chapter! I’m in all black. Way cuter than any of my official race photos, anyway! 🙂 Those are always the worst, agreed?




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