Rags to Riches

What to do with those old, worn-out gym clothes? You don’t want to toss them, but they’ve reached the point where they definitely aren’t cute enough to wear to your favorite kickboxing or AntiGravity Yoga (yes, that’s a real class offered at my gym!) class? And you certainly can’t donate them to Goodwill – let’s be honest, no one wants your pit-stained tees.

I recently found myself with a stack of politically incorrect tank tops that had seen way, way better days. Instead of tossing them in the garbage where they’d be sure to make their way to Landfill Access Road*, I decided to throw them under the sink and use ’em to clean my always slightly dingy kitchen floor. Seriously, who puts white tile in a kitchen? This might not be breaking news to those of you whose moms did the same with their dad’s old t-shirts, but I was pretty excited when this repurposing idea crossed my mind. Just wash your clothes-turned-rags first (obviously!), add a little soapy water, put on your cleanin’ clothes and your favorite Pandora station, and start scrubbin’ away. Sometimes I even go barefoot, throw a shirt under each foot and slip-slide my way to clean. I’m loving this method – my floor ends up way cleaner than when I use a mop. Besides, is it just me, or are mops totally bs? I feel like I’m just pushing wet dirty puddles around. I think I might be missing the cleaning gene.

*My sister and I, who drive by this freeway exit often, have a long-standing joke that this would be the worst street address ever.



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5 responses to “Rags to Riches

  1. Mops suck A$$–they don’t work and they don’t clean corners and pick stuff up they just push it around!

  2. Jaime

    Great idea, Janet! We also have white tiles (with really light beige grout…wtf??) in our kitchen and it drives me insane! I got a pack of ShamWOWS for Christmas last year (actually, two different people got me ShamWOWs for xmas, what does that mean? Haha) and I cut them into smaller pieces to do the floors after dinner most nights. I NEVER mop! It is so gross and way too much work for me. I totally do the foot-shuffle method of cleaning as well πŸ™‚

    Still loving your blog, lady. Keep it up!

  3. actorsdiet

    i’ve been using my rags to clean lately – do you remember that scene from “singles” where she cleans the toilet with her ex boyfriend’s shirt?!

  4. janeterin

    Glad to hear you guys are doing the sign! Lynn, believe it or not I’ve never seen that movie! Clearly I need to! πŸ™‚

  5. I LOVE that you just linked to wife-beaters on Wikipedia. I seriously laughed out loud πŸ™‚

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