Real Food: What IS this?

A testament to real food:

Recently, my good friend had her now-ex-boyfriend over, and made him a snack of toast, with butter. Upon tasting it, Ex said, “This is so good! What is ON this?” Butter. Not a yellow-dyed spread made of hydrogenated oils. Not butter-flavored spray air. Real butter.

Maybe that’s why he’s now an ex? I’m just sayin’.

Real food. It’s good, people.



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3 responses to “Real Food: What IS this?

  1. Heather

    yes, yes, and yes. i recently abandoned veganism, and while i am still conflicted with adding some animal based products back into my life (because my first goal is to make sure they are sustainable and local), i do have to recognize that eating BUTTER from grass-fed, local, happy cows is different than eating earth balance, which may not have hydrogenated oils but is comprised of mostly palm oil, which is definitely not ethical. this is not to say that i won’t eat earth balance if someone serves it to me, but i think choosing to eat real butter again has been (and still is) hard for me but i just have to remember that it is REAL food.

    (p.s. this is heather from be well & take care! i miss your blogging!)

  2. reamz

    YESS butter is better!!

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