I Love You More Than I Love Candy

Pretty Green Sister, my go-to green resource, left for Israel today. For two months. I’m excited for her, nervous, and wondering what I’m going to do without our multiple simultaneous Facebook Scrabble games. She’ll be working on a kibbutz, and then an organic farm. What an adventure! I think she’s going to have the time of her life, but I’m really going to miss her! I already do.

Karen loves ice cream more than anyone I know. Yes, more than you. It’s only fitting, then, that my favorite quote of hers involves her beloved frozen treat. I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned it here before, but it bears repeating:

“Most people say they love ice cream, but what they don’t know about me is that I really, really f***ing love ice cream.”

So when I saw this darling card, made of 100% recycled paper by Ghost Academy, I knew it was meant to be. For the record, we’re also both big fans of candy, having been limited to just one piece a week on Candy Day as kids (it’s a long story). And we’ve been trying to cut back on extraneous gifts just for the sake of giving – no use giving someone something they don’t need that will only end up in a landfill. A heartfelt card was the perfect bon voyage.

Ghost Academy specializes in “handmade frivolity,” illustrated by the talented Megan Gray. Find her darling, block printed cards at a store near you. And look – she has a blog!



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7 responses to “I Love You More Than I Love Candy

  1. OMG. I have to find these cards. I made up a song for Maggie when she was born about loving her more than Chocolate. We sing it to each other all the time ……

  2. ps….. I love what your sister is doing! In fact, I kind of wish it was me! Hope you will be giving us tid-bits of her adventure as well as yours!

  3. LOVE!!

    I love the card and what your sister gets to do 🙂

  4. thedallasceliac

    Aw, what a cute card. I love sending cards that aren’t your typical Hallmark greeting.

    How fun for your sister – I’m sure she’ll have a ton of stories to tell when she gets back!

  5. Cute card! Love the pink and what’s written on the front of the card 🙂

  6. I think your sister and I would get along famously. And “Candy Day?” I’d die! Our cousins grew up in a really strict household and weren’t allowed any sugar…when they’d come over, they’d go crazy and literally eat an entire box of Oreos. So I suppose “Candy Day” was your parents way of trying to avoid that situation…

  7. actorsdiet

    you can play facebook scrabble with me!!!

    that card is, like, MADE for me?!

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