Chocolate for Haiti

I don’t think I need to tell you guys about the devastation Haiti is facing. It’s horrible, and hard to read about.

The good news is – we can help! Besides donating to charities like the Red Cross (you can donate $10 by texting ‘Haiti’ to 90999 – love that!) and Unicef, many great companies are donating their profits to those in Haiti who need our help.

Theo Chocolate is one of those companies. 100% of the purchase of their 45% classic milk and 70% classic dark chocolate bars will go to CARE, a humanitarian nonprofit fundraising for the Haiti relief effort. Last summer, I had the privilege of taking a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory in Seattle, which is the only organic & fair trade bean-to-bar factory in the US. They have a great philosophy and a wonderful product, with amazing and interesting flavors like Fig, Fennel & Almond or Coconut Curry. If you find yourself in Seattle, definitely take the tour. It’s fun and there are LOTS of samples!

If you love chocolate and want to help, I strongly encourage you to order some of these classic bars! It’s not too early to stock up for Valentine’s Day! I’m placing my order right now – will you?

Will you buy a chocolate bar for charity? Do you recommend any other charities, or companies donating their proceeds?



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6 responses to “Chocolate for Haiti

  1. I’m in. Well you know you had me at chocolate right? Ha! Theo chocolate rocks!

  2. thedallasceliac

    I like the American Red Cross and UNICEF as charities because a super high percentage of what they take in is actually given out to those in need. Nothing bugs me more than a “charity” with high administrative and fundraising expenses.

    I love the companies that are voluntarily donating their profits to Haiti. Great idea – they won’t lose money on the sale, just won’t gain any. And of course it helps their company image as well – nice icing on the cake.

  3. that’s so wonderful about theo!
    here’s another great article with a lot of suggestions!

  4. ahahah my copy and paste failed me:
    here’s the correct link to the article, which is not yours 🙂

  5. Deb

    Thanks for posting about this. I’m going to the SF Fancy Food show today and wonder if they’ll be there?

    I gave to Doctors Without Borders.

  6. I cut to the chase and donated directly to an organization in Haiti, but I love how all of these companies are chipping in with their own methods! Thanks for highlighting one of them!

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