Leggings are NOT Pants

I’ve been trying really hard to find a way to make this a green issue. The only thing I can come up with is that most pairs of leggings are probably made in China. Or made for American Apparel, which I have mixed feelings about. That’s good enough for me. Oh, and this: leggings worn as pants MAKE MOTHER EARTH CRY.

A glimpse at my recent Facebook wall.

I mean, really.



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7 responses to “Leggings are NOT Pants

  1. Melanie

    My general rule is that my top must cover my but when I wear leggings. I also have pair of fleece lined tights that are totally opaque and the same rule applies. I guess I like to slut it up 🙂

  2. I am so with you! I can’t get down with leggings as pants! UGH. I agree with Melanie – if I do wear them, my butt must be fully covered. In general, I only wear them with dresses that hit above the knee but are maybe too short to wear alone.

  3. I don’t own any leggings. I think they’re so cute sometimes, but I just don’t think I can pull them off.

  4. OMG, I’m dying laughing over that last line! Hi-larious!!

    Wishing you and your family a delicious and Happy Thanksgiving, Janet!

  5. oh my you are SO prejudice 🙂 what’s the difference between leggings and stretch pants? I’m old and confused with what you young’uns are doing these days

  6. haha! Next time I see you I’m gonna wear leggings. With a short top. And maybe leg warmers.

    Would you still be seen with me?

  7. Oh I didn’t know I had such support in the world for such a strong feeling. so true… leggings are NOT pants. I can maybe support it when they are a substitute for tights under a dress but no-can-do on the shorter tops and leggings.

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