Lesson Learned

I sold my car on Sunday. I’m totally thrilled about this – not only is it pretty green, which was my main consideration, but I’m also saying buh-bye (good riddance!) to car payments, car insurance, gas and parking in my neighborhood.

I signed up for Zipcar – which I’ll review once I’ve tried – and am totally digging taking the bus. I love trying new routes and feel like I’m on vacation in my own City whenever I take the underground.

However. There’s one thing I haven’t quite gotten down yet. How do I manage hauling a gym bag, purse, laptop bag and other assorted bags on various days (gym shower stuff! groceries! jacket! change of shoes!) on public transit?

Last night, I tried carrying way too much at once – laptop bag, change of shoes, reusable bag (containing a dress, 2 pairs of knit tights, 1 pair of bright blue tights, a cabbage and an onion – what, that’s normal, right?), and a bag full of groceries. On three buses. Definitely one bus too many. I won’t make that mistake again. Lesson learned!

I don’t have egg on my face, but I do have it all over my coat.



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12 responses to “Lesson Learned

  1. Oh yes, it’s tricky huh! For groceries I highly recommend this little wheelie bag from the garden shop at the Ferry Building, the one with the herbs and orchids. For $20 you get this great bag that folds up into a neat rectangle. It holds a full bag of groceries and I don’t have to bend in half to tow it behind me. Total lifesaver!

  2. janeterin

    That is a great idea, Heather! I’m gonna walk over to the Ferry Building next week and check it out!

  3. Congratulations! I totally feel you. I’d love to be able to stop for groceries on my way home, but with my backpack full of my gym clothes and lunch containers… it doesn’t happen.

    As you know, I’m a bicyclist, so I’ll eventually be adding panniers, which will help my cargo capacity. Don’t know about biking in the Russian Hill ‘hood though – sounds, uh, hilly πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh NOOOO! Egg on the coat, drats! Yah, I”m thinking a rolly cart of some sort. I LOVE taking public transport in SF. LOVE LOVE LOVE. except that it always smells like booze at night on the muni. why is that? Always. Congrats!

  5. Oh yes, I have almost broken my back carrying home bags upon bags. A backpack is not my favorite look but really helps.

    We just did the opposite – after 12 years without a car we just got a Prius. I’m so grateful – but I still take public transportation half the time when I don’t need to drive.

  6. Do I spy a 365 product in that bag? That’s what you get for going to Whole Foods instead of that quaint little market that you have downstairs from your place! Of course… I would have done the same thing- so…

    Some gyms (not sure about yours) offer monthly locker services where you can leave your stuff overnight- could be worth a few bucks… OR… leave a few sets of gym clothes at your office so at least you don’t have to haul them one way-

    Congrats again on your car. Awesome news!

  7. I was going to say why not get a locker at the gym, or shop you know closer to home πŸ˜› maybe wear you w/o gear under your coat!

  8. awhhhhhhh 😦
    i often look like a bag lady. sometimes (all the time) you just can’t go back to your apartment!
    definitely check out if you could stash stuff at your gym or work-it makes life a little easier πŸ™‚

  9. thedallasceliac

    Very cool about the new cash flow!

    We went to NYC a couple years ago and I had to carry huge bags of groceries on the subway. It sucked. I can’t imagine carrying it on 3 buses. Props to you!

  10. Welcome to my world! I hate carrying all that stuff on public transportation … yet I have no wise words of advice. I just suck it up and grumble about it. Ugh, the egg on the coat, yikes! 😦

    Congrats on selling the car though – transportation woes aside, it will be nice not to worry about the parking and all the other stuff.

  11. Perhaps it’s time to wheel a little suitcase around. There are some cute ones, with patterns and bold colors. Don’t know any brands but I see ladies at my gym with them. Your back will thank you for it.

    PS – Don’t be mad but I am on a self-imposed pyrex ban and will not be able to go antiquing in Arroyo Grande anytime in the near future. Funny thing…After meeting you at Foodbuzz, I found these lovlies at a garage sale:

    The family who owned them was a bit weird. There were 2 sets of everything in the kitchen, two pitchers, two sets of measuring spoons etc. So of course, there were two sets of pristine pink 50s pyrex as well.

    I promise to keep an eye out for turquoise for you.

  12. Well maybe you can leave the gym bag at home because if someone tries to steal anything from you because you look like an easy target at least you’ll get in a good run from chasing them down! (Just kidding, don’t chase them, just scream for help. It works in the movies.)

    My best, Lynn

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