Dear Hipsters

Dear Hipsters of the Mission, and other hipster neighborhoods of this great country,

I appreciate your efforts to be green. I really do. I’m certain you save a ton of plastic razors from being made by allowing yourself to grow a scruffy beard or an ironic mustache. You ride a fixie, instead of driving a car. Your vintage clothes? Totally green (though I can’t say I agree with your choice to wear women’s skinny jeans, but to each his own). PBR cans? Totally easy to recycle.

However. Throwing your cigarette butts on the ground? Not green. Please stop it.

pretty green girl

mustache tattoos



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3 responses to “Dear Hipsters

  1. Jen

    I agree about the cigarettes, though mostly I wanted to say GREAT choice of picture.

  2. OMG, this made me laugh! Oh and love your costumes too!!

    Happy Halloween, Pretty Green Girl!

  3. Haha I agree, love the pic especially with the painted mustache detail.

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