pretty green confession: Plants

My mom came down this weekend to help me get settled in my new apartment (thanks, Mom!). We spent a ton of time looking for furniture and discussing organizing projects. I still haven’t done any unpacking… but I’ve thought a lot about it. That counts, right?

Anyway. When talking about my plans for decorating the place, this conversation took place:

Pretty Green Mom: How about a plant?

Me: This is going to sound bad, but do they only come in dark green?

I mean… I love plants. I do. Nature’s great. Outside. I may be pretty green girl, but it just doesn’t work with my color scheme. Is that so wrong?



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6 responses to “pretty green confession: Plants

  1. LOL I don’t think it’s wrong. You can get indoor plants in other colors. Fake plants too. LOL What’s your color scheme. I’m so happy you were able to find your own place so quickly. I know you are gonna love it!! I miss you!

  2. No! There are some great plants that have reddish leaves- not ferns, not agave, but something in between- can’t remember the name now= go check it out!

  3. hehe funny! i love plants indoors because they make the air quality better. Like natural air purifiers! But…I always seem to kill them with my very not-green thumb.

  4. Oooh… the orchid is a good idea…

  5. skyler

    What’s the color scheme?

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