We Ran (and, ok, Walked a Lot) Like Girls

In case you were ever thinking about running a half marathon without training, DON’T DO IT. It’s very stupid. Even if you’ve done them in the past, it turns out you still need to train. Who knew? Not that I’m, um, speaking from experience or anything. Ouch.

Also: wearing old sneakers is not green. It’s just stupid. Don’t do that, either.


We totally took this picture so we could “like” it on Facebook

Socks by American Apparel (can you believe it, Sayer?). About that: I generally dislike American Apparel – I think the owner is way creepy, the clothes are ugly, and am not convinced the working conditions are all that great. But we really wanted some fun pink socks for the race, and these were our best bet: cheap, and at least made-in-America.

What do you think about American Apparel?

PS: Congrats to Elizabeth from Don’t (White) Sugar-Coat It for doing the full marathon in an awesome time!



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8 responses to “We Ran (and, ok, Walked a Lot) Like Girls

  1. Well, if there was someone who hypothetically didn’t train for a half marathon, at least they can say they looked cute while doing it 🙂

    I’m with you on AA. I think Dov Charney is a sexist perv, their models lack diversity, they apparently don’t know how to do an ad without a “sexy” look, and did I mention Dov Charney is gross? But sometimes you can’t avoid them, sadly. A lot of companies and/or bands I like use them for their shirts, but slowly other sweatshop-free and eco-friendly companies are coming up and I hope they get the recognition they need. (FYI: I like No Sweat! They don’t have as many options as AA, but they have great products and customer service.)

  2. janeterin

    Heather, I’ll check out No Sweat! Yeah, hopefully other companies doing things right will get more attention and business, I agree!

    And thanks for the compliment! I sooo did not feel cute, and could hardly walk! But it was fun – at the end you get a Tiffany necklace from a firefighter dressed in a tux, and there is chocolate at mile 11. 🙂

  3. Chocolate at mile 11? hot damn!!

    You do look cute in the photo and I like the thumbs up. I don’t know much about AA I’ll have to do a bit of research but I suspect I’m too old for them anyway.

  4. Love the socks! While I didn’t know as much about AA as you do, in general I haven’t been a fan… their ads are weird and their clothes in general aren’t cute or worth the price… if I’m going to buy most of their clothes, it would make more sense to get them at the thrift store or something

  5. i adore this photo-really i do!
    and you rock for doing the half-i can’t imagine doing it without any training!!!
    and those socks are adorable
    i’m on the fence with american apparel-i think they’re stuff is ridiculously overpriced, but at least its made in america, and if you need a pair of shiny gold leggings and a bandeau bra to match-what else’s a girl to do?????
    i have to see you next time i’m in sf!! good luck with work!

  6. I totally love the socks!! They are super cute!!

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  8. Are the pink socks made out of a moisture wicking material? I’m not brave enough to run in a race wearing cotton socks anymore. Blisters.

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