How To Throw a Pretty Green Baby Shower, Part 1: Invitations

My best friend is having a baby girl, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Mom-to-be Kate is very eco-conscious, and plans to use cloth diapers and reduce her carbon baby footprint as much as possible. Eco, baby!

I’m very excited to be hosting her baby shower, and naturally I want to do things as green as possible. First up: invitations. Now, the most eco-friendly option would be to go paperless, but having grown up with a MIss Manners-loving mom, I couldn’t dream of sending a shower Evite. Luckily, there are a number of sites out there catering to us green etiquette junkies, using post-consumer recycled paper and even wind-power generation. Check out some of the adorable options I found in my search, below. Most of them even come in a “blue” version for little eco baby boys. I won’t tell you which I picked until Kate receives hers in the mail, but it’s safe to say I had a hard time deciding with all these cute choices!

Key terms to search for when seeking eco-friendly invites: recycled; post consumer recycled, green; plantable

From Tiny Prints,
made from 50% recycled paper content/30% post-consumer recycled

babyshower5Tiny Prints

babyshower3From Paper Culture, 100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper, wind-power generated, very green company overall

Paper Culture

babyshower6Tiny Prints

What’s your favorite? Have you ever attended an eco-friendly party or shower?



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7 responses to “How To Throw a Pretty Green Baby Shower, Part 1: Invitations

  1. I LOVE the purple birds.

  2. janeterin

    Aren’t they so cute! That company is so cool, too – really impressed by them!

  3. I don’t get to vote because I’m biased – but did you know we’re local? Just down the road in Mountain View. Let me know if I can ever be of assistance.

  4. They are all so adorable, but the Tiny Prints cherry blossoms/birds & Print Culture purple birds are ADORABLE. I am bookmarking those so I can refer friends/family members! I’ve never been to any eco-friendly party/shower/etc. because sadly. Now I just need one of my friends to have a baby so I can throw one!

  5. meg

    these are all such cute options, I’m excited to see what else you found while planning an eco-shower! i’m headed to check out tiny prints right now, thanks for the tip!

  6. Very cute!! My favorite is the first one and the OH BABY one. LOL can’t wait to see which one you picked.

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