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How To Throw a Pretty Green Baby Shower, Part 1: Invitations

My best friend is having a baby girl, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Mom-to-be Kate is very eco-conscious, and plans to use cloth diapers and reduce her carbon baby footprint as much as possible. Eco, baby!

I’m very excited to be hosting her baby shower, and naturally I want to do things as green as possible. First up: invitations. Now, the most eco-friendly option would be to go paperless, but having grown up with a MIss Manners-loving mom, I couldn’t dream of sending a shower Evite. Luckily, there are a number of sites out there catering to us green etiquette junkies, using post-consumer recycled paper and even wind-power generation. Check out some of the adorable options I found in my search, below. Most of them even come in a “blue” version for little eco baby boys. I won’t tell you which I picked until Kate receives hers in the mail, but it’s safe to say I had a hard time deciding with all these cute choices!

Key terms to search for when seeking eco-friendly invites: recycled; post consumer recycled, green; plantable

From Tiny Prints,
made from 50% recycled paper content/30% post-consumer recycled

babyshower5Tiny Prints

babyshower3From Paper Culture, 100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper, wind-power generated, very green company overall

Paper Culture

babyshower6Tiny Prints

What’s your favorite? Have you ever attended an eco-friendly party or shower?



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