BlogHerFood ’09 & A New Outlook

I had an absolute blast at BlogHerFood ’09 yesterday. I met so many interesting people and left eager to refresh and revamp my blog with a new design and a more streamlined focus. I’ll still be talking about the same kind of stuff, but really want to get back to my original focus of making Pretty Green Girl a place to come to for easy, fun ways to be and go green. My conversation with Darya of Summer Tomato particularly inspired me to really put the time in and make this blog what I want it to be.

Hangin’ with Laura. We had SO much fun! Love her!

Got to see Tina again – yay! Hope to see her again at Foodbuzz.

Elizabeth Faulkner put me in a sugar coma.

What would you like to see on Pretty Green Girl? What’s your current go-to site for green content?



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6 responses to “BlogHerFood ’09 & A New Outlook

  1. Hello, gorgeous! I look to you of course 😉 But I also read (according to Google Reader): Ecorazzi (a good mix of stuff), Treehugger, Green as a Thistle, and No Impact Man. Can’t wait to see what you do with the blog!

  2. Hello Pretty Green Girl! So great to meet you this weekend – I had a blast thanks to you, Laura and Heather. 🙂

    And I agree … I, too, am feeling re-energized and ready to revamp my blog. So much great information this weekend … in addition to all the fun.

    You’ve put me to shame with your pics here … I took almost no pictures and the few that I did are really pretty crummy. Frankly, the best shot I took was of you and that chocolate bomb … and its in *your* camera! LOL

    As for my go-to green site … tag, you’re now it. 🙂

  3. You are my go to girl for green content. I like when you post things that are simple and easy to do tips, for those of us who want to be green, but are to lazy or not always thinking green. Like me!!

  4. I’m new! But I’m already impressed! Been browsing through, and I love your clean, beautiful pictures and your personable, endearing style of writing. I can’t wait to learn more, esp about being green. I DO care, but I simply don’t really know much!

  5. What is blogher? i think i’m the only one that doesn know!

  6. It was great meeting and lunching with you at BlogHer Food! Love the photo of you with a handful of chocolate!

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