A(live) from BlogHerFood!

Hi everyone!

I’m alive! Got back from my whirlwind Boston/NY/London trip Thursday night, just in time for today’s BlogHerFood conference! I’m here now and about to head down to a Scharffen Berger demo. Yay, local chocolate! I’m having a blast hanging with my friend Laura, learning a lot aboout blogging in general, and meeting up with loads of interesting food bloggers. I even got to catch up with Tina who I met when I was in Boston last week!

I’m very lucky that the conference happens to be in my city, because after all the traveling I’ve done lately, I’m doing my best to avoid flying for the rest of the year. Quickly (so I can get down to the aforementioned chocolate demo), here’s how I’m “greening” BlogHerFood ’09 for myself:

*Taking the bus to and from the conference
*Going paperless – taking notes on my computer (though we all know I have a ton of scratch paper!)
*Bringing my own silverware wrapped in a dish towel, which I’ll use instead of a paper napkin
*Bringing my own reusable bags and Sigg water bottle
*Wearing my favorite thrift store Citizen jeans and Made in the USA wrap (ok, maybe those don’t really count! ;))

There have been a few non-green things that have bugged me a little bit (tuna and shrimp at lunch, extra-thick paper napkins in the bathrooms, etc) but overall I’m having a great experience.

Are you here? If not, is there anything you’d like to know about the conference?



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6 responses to “A(live) from BlogHerFood!

  1. Have fun!!! Saw the pic of you & Tina on her blog – hello, gorgeous ladies. I like what you’re doing at the conference – all great ideas.

  2. You found CITIZENS at a Thrift store?! I’m jealous!

    Yesterday I bought an A.B.S. evening gown at a Thrift store for $24. Fit like a glove. Felt like Cinderella. She tried to put it in a bag and I whipped out my Chicobag and said No thanks, got my own 🙂

  3. janeterin

    Deb – I did – for only $40 bucks – can you believe it? Buffalo Exchange in SD. I was psyched! Awesome re: the ABS dress & Chicobag. That rocks!

    Heather – Aww! You’re so sweet! Thanks! I try. 😉 Wish you could have been there – maybe next year!!

  4. can’t wait to hear more about your trip and blogher-you pretty green girl!!

  5. excited to see how you revamp your site! I’d love to see ways to be more green without breaking the bank or having to go to Whole Foods. Does walgreens/grocery store have any “green” beauty product? And I totally need to get on making homemade house cleaners! It would be less expensive and way greener.

    • heatherinsf

      It was so fun to meet you at the conference! I’m looking forward to hanging out with you and Laura in November too. Meantime, I am going to enjoy your blog, watch it turn me from chartreuse to a more verdant shade.

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