Junk Drawer

This is what happens when you insist on keeping every single scrap of paper, envelope, receipt, etc.

Talk about a junk drawer!

I’m moving this week (packing sucks!), but I’m not going to get rid of this stuff just because it would be easier. It’s coming with me, and each scrap will find a second life as a grocery or To-Do list, directions, or an art project for my little brother. I just can’t bear to waste it!




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4 responses to “Junk Drawer

  1. Errign

    That is such a cool “junk” drawer 😀

  2. You are so awesome, dude! I have been slacking in saving my receipts for lists, but always use envelopes. I keep getting stupid credit card offers and I’ve been trying to opt out of them. I get soo much junk mail! I need a special drawer for it.

  3. I’ve got a bunch of shoeboxes that look like that….

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