I heart MyFarm

I’ve mentioned before that my sister works for MyFarmSF, an awesome urban farm that installs gardens in people’s backyards, and harvests the produce for their CSA. Unlike other local CSAs, which get a lot of their produce from the Central Valley, MyFarm grows everything within SF, which I find totally amazing! I like to take the credit for my sister finding this job, since I read an article about them in Sunset magazine a year or so ago and let her know about it!

Anyway, she just dropped a big box of extra produce for me, and I’m psyched! Check it out – there’s braising greens, turnips, radishes, squash, potatoes, arugula, baby onions salad greens with edible flowers and a delicious smelling herb for tea. I can’t wait! I was out of town all weekend (for my roommate’s amazing wedding), and like always when I get back from traveling, I am craving vegetables like nothing else!



This summer has been insanely busy for me, and last weekend marked the last one I had booked! I hope this means you’ll see many more blog updates from me in the near future – I’ve missed it! I also am thinking about a NY/Boston/VT trip, so East Coasters, stay tuned!

I forgot to add – if you’re looking for a CSA, MyFarmSF is always looking for new members! I think they’re a great and really unique organization and encourage you to check them out!



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5 responses to “I heart MyFarm

  1. that is such a great concept!!!! glad to hear your summer has been busy/fun! can’t wait to hear more from you and COME TO BOSTON!!

  2. wow that sounds amazing! SF is so cool I can’t wait to be back in Sept AND Nov!!! Yes I am doing both food blogger events, sweet! We need to get together. Till then enjoy ALL that gorgeous fresh produce.

  3. Errign

    Jealous! Wish my sibling would drop me off boxes of fresh veggies!

  4. I got so many extra veggies from my CSA last week…tons of peaches and corn! I’m trying to get through it all 🙂 Yes, come to Boston!

  5. Karen

    hooray! glad you liked it. I heart MyFarm too.

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