Ahh, I have had no time to blog this week! I was away last weekend for my birthday “glamping” trip and will leave you with some cute pics from the trip. On the green front, I found a ton of great stuff at Goodwill and Out of the Closet – cute melamine plates and cups, including our “birthday girl” goblets, a cooler with a spout (which we used as a champagne bucket!), a Thermarest for $4.50, etc. I was surprised and impressed by the selection, so make sure to check out your local thrift shop before you head out on a glamping – or even regular old camping – trip! I also requested that no one bring individual plastic water bottles, and brought extra Siggs to share just in case. People brought their own silverware, and we had enough melamine plates, bowls and cups to go around – no paper or disposable plastic required! We actually made it through the whole weekend with almost no paper towel use, besides one bug incident. πŸ™‚ My friends all apparently had hidden secret stashes of paper towels in their backpacks but didn’t want to tell me. So cute – I love my friends. The weekend was SO much fun, filled with champagne, gourmet, organic food, and LOTS of laughs.

Decorating the glampsite! My mom sent me these lanterns, which were just perfect! They even lit up via battery at night! I’m planning on reusing them many times.

The tulle tent. My mom has had this tulle since 2001, I think. Three cheers for reusing!

Goodwill find!

Guess who?

Birthday Girl Goblets found at Goodwill! Perfectly matched our color scheme, too. πŸ™‚

Another Goodwill find. The cooler, not the champagne, of course.

My friend Liz made these awesome s’more cupcakes!

I just love this picture! Hope my friends don’t mind me putting it up!

Pretty Green Sister, the Tree Hugger

Sparkling sangria!

A good time was had by all!



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5 responses to “Glamping!

  1. Happy belated birthday! Glamping looks sooo fun. I can’t wait until the weather is better here (read: under 90 degrees, preferably) so I can go camping.

  2. haha I remember Guess Who? That was a fun game! Sounds like you guys had a great time. I like this idea of Glamping πŸ™‚

  3. Oh I wanna go glamping I love the lanterns and champagne better than fish guts and dirty clothes. **sigh** glamping is not in my future.

  4. looks like a fun time πŸ™‚ and how was that bacon bar? I’ve seen it here, but the only store that has it sells it for $7!

  5. skyler

    Yeah where do you buy the bacon chocolate from? My brother made bacon chocolate cupcakes this weekend.

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