Pretty Green Tip: Plastic Bag Rehab

No, I’m not talking about these super cute bags (though, yes, super cute). I’m talking about what to do when somehow, against your wishes, a plastic bag makes its way into your life.

Occasionally my CSA will give me produce in the dreaded plastic bags (though I hear they are switching to biodegradable ones!), and though I try to never, ever use them myself at the grocery store, I make one exception: spicy foods. When I’m buying something capsaicin-ful (heh), like the jalapenos I picked up for a mango-cucumber salsa last week, I will admit to dropping it in a plastic bag instead of my usual mesh and canvas ones. But instead of grabbing a new bag at the store, I bring a used one from home – and you can, too!

Here’s what I do: turn the bag inside out and scrub it with a sponge and some eco-friendly dish soap. Rinse, and set it to dry on a little plastic bag drying station made of a yogurt tub or big bowl, and a set of tongs. Simple as can be! Most bags can get at least a few uses out of them, provided there’s no mold or anything like that. Keep bags out of the landfils – reduce and reuse!

Side note: Does it drive anyone else crazy when you see someone bagging bananas or a single apple? They’ll be fine on the conveyor belt, people, I promise!


Do you reuse plastic bags? What have you creatively repurposed?



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3 responses to “Pretty Green Tip: Plastic Bag Rehab

  1. We reuse plastic bags for umm… cleaning out the litterbox. I’m not sure that’s eco-friendly, but it makes me feel better.

  2. Yeah. We use the bags for doggie duty (hehe). I figure that it’s better to reuse a bag than waste another one buying the biodegradable kind for my pup (I actually think I read that somewhere) and I just cannot get my BF on the reusable bag train so we always have plenty. I know what you mean though about using the bags for things like bell peppers…SO don’t have to! The cashiers just pile up all your produce on the scanner, and you rinse it off at home anyway. I make an exception for herbs like basil or cilantro…I feel like it’s too messy to not bag up. But that’s it.

  3. poop–those plastic bags are great for our dooogs poop! love your blog, girly…feel free to comment on mine…

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