Product Review: Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

One of the great perks of blogging is that occasionally people want to send you free stuff! Sweet! Even better when it’s a product you’re really excited about. I’ve been a fan of Stonyfield Farms for a long time, especially because of their partnership with Preserve, their emphasis on organic products, their use of milk from family farms, and their environmental practices. So when Kristina from Stonyfield offered to send me some coupons, I was psyched.

And when the package came, I felt like one very lucky blogger!
Check out that bounty of coupons and the cool reusable bag! Thanks, Kristina!

I was especially excited to try Oikos, as I’m a big fan of Greek yogurt, and don’t often see organic brands. While I tend to generally purchase locally-made organic plain yogurts like Wallaby and Straus, neither of these brands make Greek yogurt. And I must say, Oikos is some of the best Greek yogurt I have ever tried. It’s rich, creamy, delcious and packs 23 grams of protein and NO fat per serving. Amazing. This stuff definitely does not taste fat-free! My favorite way to enjoy it is with Stahlbush Farms Marion blackberries – I pack a little container of yogurt and frozen berries in the morning, and by lunch the berries have defrosted and perfectly sweetened the yogurt. Yum! While I usually buy plain Oikos and add my own fruit to it, the vanilla is absolutely amazing as an occasional treat – it’s better than most desserts! The plain is so thick and rich that it’s a great substitute for sour cream, and also works as a great way to cut back on oil in muffin recipes and other baked goods.


I will say that I prefer to buy the 16oz, as opposed to the smaller, single-serving size, because the container is a great size for reusing (it perfectly holds a sandwich on an English muffin, for example!). Stonyfield seems to have given a lot of thought to their packaging, most of which is admittedly over my head, but I’d love to see a larger, 32-oz size, and a lid added to the indivudual-serving size to make the container reusable.

Oikos might not be the cheapest yogurt on the market (the 16oz generally runs around $5 or so at my local Whole Foods – I think everything’s more expensive in SF, though), but for me, it’s well worth the price!

What do you like to add to your yogurt? Anything unusual besides fruit or honey?



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6 responses to “Product Review: Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

  1. yeah!! yummy they contacted me too, I can’t wait!

  2. I’m definitely a fan of this Oikos, but I do tend to buy cheaper yogurts most of the time. I should “splurge” again!

    I love love adding any kind of cereal to yogurt!

  3. I love to add captain crunch, but it has to sit in the yogurt for a while and get soggy. Oh to be a kid again!

    Congrats on being nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by What’s for Dinner Mom. You totally deserve it, cause you ROCK!! lol

  4. I like to add chives and other savory bits to my yogurts as I often treat it more like a topping/dip.

    btw …I agree – you look fab in the yellow dress. Are you able to fix all the issues or is it shot?

  5. Plain yogurt additions: Homemade fruit compote – like the cherry strawberry mixture I cooked up recently. Perennial fave.

    But more often, I turn plain yogurt it into a dressing for fruit salad by adding honey and GINGER VODKA. Supremely amazing.

  6. You are really one lucky blogger and that’s the price for being such a nice and informative writer, and for appreciating others product. I love yogurt without mixing it with any other food and make it an ingredients to your homemade servings. I love to eat yogurt as how I bought it and with the combination of french fries, I’m complete.

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