This Is What Happens…

When you already used the Baggu you keep in your purse earlier in the day.


No, sir, I would NOT like a bag! I’ll shove everything in my super cute Bungalow 360 purse, thank you very much! It’s easy to say no to a bag when you get in the habit – so make it a habit!

I actually was trying to avoid the grocery store this week, as I’m going to San Diego tomorrow – woo! – but all the Whole Foods in SF are donating 5% of profits today to La Cocina, an incubator kitchen that provides commercial space to low-income entrepreneurs. How cool is that!? I heard about it via Twitter, and was especially excited because earlier this week I won the Neo Cocoa contest through eating/sf and Foodzie, and it turns out that Christine of Neo Cocoa works out of La Cocina. It’s a small world! Actually, it gets even smaller – turns out my good friend Paige is friends with Kasey of eating/sf and we’ve actually met before. I love San Francisco, and the blog world! Anyway, I’m so excited to have won the contest and to be able to support La Cocina. I’m picking up the truffles next week (no need to ship – yay for local products and smaller carboon footprints!) and can’t wait to get them and blog about them – how amazing do these look? I’m drooling in anticipation!



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7 responses to “This Is What Happens…

  1. I need some of those…NOW!! I am drooling:) I wish we had an incubator kitchen up here.

  2. janeterin

    Laura, we’ll have to have some when you’re in SF, right?! 😀

  3. Now that’s a great prize! I love supporting local chocolate shops 😉 there is a really cool place called Eclipse here in SD that makes all kinds of fancy flavors like green tea white chocolate and sea salt caramel…ok, now I want chocolate and it’s 6 AM 🙂

  4. prepare yourself for amazingness with that green&black ice cream. Heaven.

    I’m with you on the bags. I get stubborn too. I have had bag boys put my stuff in bags after I tell him I have my own and will stand there, unpack my stuff, and repack it into my reusable bags. nicely of course 🙂 I just say “doing my part for the environment!” and thank them anyway.

  5. Can’t wait to hear what you think about them!

  6. Yay for reusable bags!!

    And you went shopping for a good cause? Perfect!

  7. Double yay for that cute bag!

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