Like Butta

Here’s proof you can reuse anything – four ways to reuse your butter wrappers. I love it! It never even occurred to me, but they are perfect for greasing a pan, separating hamburger patties and more!

Thanks to bestgreenblogs for Tweeting the link!


I’m actually baking some strawberry-blueberry-oat bran-agave-cookie-muffin hybrids (enough hyphens for ya?) right this very minute, and was about to toss the butter wrapper. Not so fast! I’m totally saving it to grease pans, use in place of cooking spray, etc. Just this morning I was thinking how I really hate using cooking spray. I hardly ever use it, but I have some in the house and totally was guilty of it this morning. No more! To the fridge my wrappers will go.

Here’s a preview of the cookies, baked on my Silpat. Hope they’re good! If they are, you’ll get a recipe soon – plus the delish German champagne vinegar potato salad I just made, chile pea puffs and more!


I leave to go camping with my family tomorrow – 3 days with no computer and hardly any phone service.How will I survive? Wine tasting, that’s how. We know how to camp in style! It’s the perfect warm-up to my summer birthday glamping trip. πŸ™‚

ETA: Just tried the cookies. YUM! Recipe coming soon!



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7 responses to “Like Butta

  1. skyler

    I use the butter wrapper for the pan (is it still called a pan if it’s made of glass? weird.) when I make rice krispie treats!

    What does ETA stand for? I thought it was Estimated Time of Arrival…

  2. skyler

    Just realized it’s probably “Edited to add”… I am slow.

  3. Oh yeah, i grease pans with butter wrappers, but only when i happen to finish the butter for the recipe I need to grease a pan for! haha

  4. I thought the same thing about ETA. Janet- I miss the smell of your cooking!

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  6. What a great idea! Thanks to you I will save my wrappers πŸ™‚

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