Your Cup is Hatching!

Remember that super cute I Am Not a Paper Cup reusable mug I got awhile back?

Not all it’s cracked up to be (ha ha).

cracked cup

The adorable little kid I was babysitting for the other night looked at my mug, full of soy latte, and said, “your cup is hatching.” I didn’t get it at first, and then realized – it looks like an egg hatching! How cute is that!? Kids say the best things.

But, bummer! I was so excited about this cup when I got it. I guess that’s what I get for throwing it in my bag with other glass tupperware and stuff, but I thought it would be a littlle more resilient. The silicone top has torn, and the side is totally cracked. I’m going to try to keep using it until it REALLY starts to leak, but then I guess I’ll have to get some kind of replacement. No me gusta!

Do you have a favorite (sturdy, leak proof) reusable mug you recommend?



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9 responses to “Your Cup is Hatching!

  1. Bummer! I saw one in Austin and thought of you– I hope your cup stops hatching so you can use it for awhile…

  2. Oh no!

    I use one of those stainless steel mugs made by oxo or a brand like that. Spill and break proof!

  3. Oh no! When I saw these I totally wanted one. It has only been about 6 weeks since you go it, I’m disappointed that it doesn’t last very long. 😦

    But what a cute remark from the kiddo. 🙂

  4. Hi Janet – you might want to find out if the crack will leach any chemicals from the ceramic/paint/coating into your drinks. As a rule, I don’t use dishes/mugs that have cracked for this reason.

  5. what a bummer!! I loved that thing. I totally need to find a good reusable (no plastic) coffee transporter. why is it that they have them all for water and none for hot bevs? not cool.

    also. do you have a lunch bag that you bring with you to work? I’m on the market for a lunch box 🙂 my little pony cartoon optional.

  6. LOL, kids say THE cutest things. Gosh. 🙂

    I got my travel mug at my univ bookstore during Alumni weekend. I am sure that helps you out immensely. 😉

  7. maybe you can turn it into a mosaic? 🙂 I don’t commute so I don’t carry a mug I only have home mugs.
    To your friend who wants a good lunch box I say To-Go Ware it’s cute and reusable.

  8. How sad! But such creative thinking by the kid. =)

  9. Broken CUP = mini Planter … pretty herbs!!

    The travel cup I use is stainless steal inside and out but I’m pretty sure the top is part plastic — so I mainly stay away from plastics to avoid what they can do to my body rather than for the havoc they wreak on the environment. That being said, it perfectly leak proof and wonderful. oxo makes it, and i don’t think i could ever use anything else again.

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