Nothing Over $30 Sale

Eco-friendly fashion site The Green Loop is having an awesome sale! Stewart+Brown, Edun, Sublet… some of this stuff usually goes for up to $300 (!). Fair trade, organic fabrics, upcycled materials – they’ve got of cute green fashion you can feel good about buying (and can actually afford, for once). Check it out now before everything sells out!

Some faves:
Sublet Belinda dress, orig. $275.00, now $29.99

Stewart+Brown Organic Cotton Racerback Jumper, orig. $199, now $24.99

dress 3
EcoSkin ‘Ranier’ Dress, orig $193, now $29.99

Grace & Cello ‘Empress’ Cardi, orig. $110, now $29.99

Kelly B. ‘Taylor’ Trench Coat, orig. $275, now $29.99

So, what looks cute to you?



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6 responses to “Nothing Over $30 Sale

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to run to a going away party right now but as soon as i get home-shopping spree!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!!!!

  2. I really love that Ranier dress, both the style and color!

  3. Get OUT of here. What an amazing sale!! Thanks!

  4. I love everything! Thanks so much for the tip… I’m heading there now (hoping there’s something left)!!

  5. janeterin

    Sweet, glad you guys like it! You’ll have to come back and let me know if you buy anything!

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