Eat (and Trade) Your Veggies!

A few weeks ago, I posted about Neighborhood Fruit, an awesome website that allows you to find and share the bounty of neighborhood fruit trees. This morning, I read about a similar site, Veggie Trader, which allows users to trade, buy and sell produce, herbs, nuts, seeds, etc. Unfortunately, there are not a ton of listings so far (I only found one for a trade within 20 miles of my zip code), as the site is relatively new. Hopefully people will start signing up – I definitely plan on checking back in to see what’s available down the road. You have to register, but it’s totally free to use. I really like this trend of avoiding waste and sharing with your community!

veggie trader



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5 responses to “Eat (and Trade) Your Veggies!

  1. Jaime

    We have a really cool program in Chico called the Gardener’s Swap Meet. It is every Wednesday evening during the summer at rotating locations around town – at people’s houses, community centers, etc. You bring excess fruit or veggies from your garden and swap them with other gardener’s excess produce. It’s awesome!! The only rule is that you have to take at least as much as your bring and they like it if you bring a reusable bag (double points if you walk or ride your bike to the meet!). It’s a great way to get some variety in your diet and to meet other gardeners in town. I wonder if there is one in SF?

  2. janeterin

    That is so cool, Jaime! I should look and see if there’s anything like that in SF – I’d love it!

  3. that’s such a cool concept! I love it! It also seems like it would help build community which I think is so important!

  4. The idea of a Gardener’s Swap Meet sounds so cute and cool!

  5. That’s cool! Like freecycle for food. I wish I had some veggies or fruit to trade…maybe in a few weeks when my CSA box comes and it will probably be too much for my husband and I!

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