And I Quote…

I just read this quote in Whole Living: Body and Soul, (a great magazine with tons of green and healthy living tips) and it really struck me.

“People complain about the price of eggs that could stretch a week but don’t blink at paying $5 for a latte that lasts 10 minutes.”Nicolette Hahn Niman

It’s so true. It’s all about your priorities. Good food that is grown sustainably, animals that are treated well and not tortured and living in filth during their short lives, pesticide-free, natural foods – they’re all worth the price. At least to me. I’d way rather give up other things so I can afford to buy the food and other products that are important to me.

What are you willing to pay more for? Have you made any trade-offs so you can afford to buy these things?



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9 responses to “And I Quote…

  1. I thought about that quote a few days ago! The people in my life who refuse to eat healthy also smoke, and I think it’s a strange trade-off. $30+ for a carton of cigarettes versus a few extra dollars at the grocery store for healthy food?

    I’m willing to pay more for foods that are grown sustainably and that don’t contain artificial ingredients, even if they are more expensive. Local produce isn’t more expensive so I’m lucky in that respect (and one of the few reasons I am thankful to be a Floridian). I gave up Starbucks, soda, and a bad shopping problem to spend more on food I feel good about. I also spend a little more supporting my favorite local businesses versus going through big box retailers (though admittedly, I do still shop at those places)

  2. +1
    s’all ’bout what’s important

  3. Great quote. I don’t know if I’ve made conscious choices, but I definitely decide where to save and were to splurge. I don’t buy expensive clothes/purses, but instead I choose to spend a little more when I buy organic and local produce, for example.

  4. good food is so important I think for me trying to find snack-ish foods that are healthy is my latest chang
    we buy bulk granola, seeds, nuts and dried fruits

  5. I agree with the quote- I’ll pay more for any food that’s not stuffed with chemicals!

  6. I save money by not buying snack foods. Aside from the occasional tub of ice cream, we generally don’t buy cookies, chips, crackers, health bars, etc… Mind you, I do like to eat those things, but I’d rather buy 1 cookie from the grocers than an entire package.

    Oh, I also thought of your blog when I read an article about Unpackaged, a grocery store in London that doesn’t use any packaging to sell their goods. Thought you might find this interesting…

  7. Oh yeah, I don’t want to hear about the cost of eggs from anyone who buys daily lattes at Starbucks or buys lunch more often than brings from home. I buy almost entirely local and organic foods, nothing processed, and sometimes it’s more expensive. But the whole grains and beans in bulk are just pennies. So it evens out.

  8. Sooo true. We are frugal in a lot of areas in our life (i.e. we do a lot of local vacations, don’t buy a lot of “stuff”), but we do spend more to buy natural products. I spend money on things I value in the long term. Good nutrition without preservatives and chemicals is one of those long term, valuable goals in my mind.

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