BlogHer Food ’09 & Winners!

Hey all!

My apologies for not announcing the WholeSoy contest winners sooner! I totally forgot that Monday was a holiday when I set up the contest. Anyway, I’ll get to the winners in just a moment, but first….


I just bought my ticket for BlogHer Food ’09, and am so excited! I was hoping to attend the regular BlogHer conference, but it was all sold out by the time I got around to it. But BlogHer Food is not only less expensive, it’s also in my city! I first heard about it when Tina said she was going, and I knew I had to attend. Is anyone else going? I’d love to meet any of you who will be attending, and organize a reader meet-up, and maybe a run or even some tours of San Francisco – I love showing people around! If anyone has any questions about SF at all, please ask! It’s one of the greatest cities ever, in my opinion. 😉


Ok, now the moment you’ve really been waiting for! Without further ado, the winners (selected using the Random Integer Generator):

A free pint of soy frozen yogurt, a free soy yogurt and bonus coupons go to:

Anne K, who said:
Creme Caramel, for sure! Yum!
I’ll link back in my next post 🙂


Rose for her Tweet

And the Grand Prize Winner

Erin who said, Vanilla Bean or Caramel!!

Congratulations! Anne, Rose and Erin, please email me at!

You’re all winners to me, of course! I have some more coupons and will be doing another contest in the near future, so stay posted!



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5 responses to “BlogHer Food ’09 & Winners!

  1. Awesome!! I emailed you 😀

  2. arggh the tickets are sold out!! I got on the wait list but I won’t know until the day of the conference! I am hoping they will open up more tickets for sale but who knows now. Not knowing until the day of will not work for me though I can’t afford to come down w/o knowing I can get in.

  3. janeterin

    Congrats, Anne K! 🙂

    Oh no, Laura! I didn’t realize they were sold out when I posted that. That sucks! I hope they open up some more so you can come. I would love to meet you!

  4. I know I really want to meet you too! My husband said I should just go anyway and check out the free stuff and hang out. Let me if you hear of more tickets for sale or anybody who has one and can’t go.

  5. I just found out this week that tickets opened up and I snatched mine. I’ll be taking the trip from Miami and it’ll be my second time in SF. I’ll only be there for the weekend but was wondering if you had any recs for where to grab a one must-try dinner while in SF.

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