Pretty Green Giveaway: WholeSoy & Co

I am so excited to share this giveaway with you guys! Free soy yogurt and frozen yogurt – how cool is that?


Last week, I posted about my love for the amazing WholeSoy & Co frozen yogurt, and decided to let the good people there know about my post. Well, I got an amazing response – an email back from Yesica at WholeSoy & Co offering me some coupons to share with friends and family as a thank you! She also told me that my email/post brought a smile to everyone at the company’s face, and then I got a personal email from the Founder/CEO of the company thanking me and mentioning that it warmed the hearts of everyone at their small family company to receive such good feedback. Ted, the Founder/CEO, also said I could contact them any time with ideas or suggestions. What amazing customer service! I’m so glad I decided to let them know about my post. What a great company with such nice people. I already LOVE their products and this just makes me want to buy them even more (and tell everyone I know to do the same!).

I wrote Yesica back and mentioned I’d love to do a giveaway with some of the coupons, and she wholeheartedly agreed! When I returned from my friend’s wedding this weekend, I was in for a great surprise – a package full of coupons! I’m delighted to be able to give some of these away to you, my lovely readers! I have enough that there will be another giveaway in the future, too. πŸ™‚

There will be 3 winners in this contest:

Two people will each win a coupon for a FREE pint of frozen yogurt AND a coupon for a FREE soy yogurt, as well as a few bonus coupons for discounts on WholeSoy & Co products


One Grand Prize Winner will win a FREE pint of frozen yogurt, 3 FREE soy yogurts, and a booklet containing a ton of coupons: 3 for 25 cents off a 6 oz cup of yogurt, 3 for $1 off a 24 oz tub of yogurt and 3 for $1 off soy frozen yogurt!

Here’s how to enter:
1. Link to this contest on your blog (if you don’t have a blog you can still enter!)
2. Leave a comment on this blog with what WholeSoy & Co flavor you’d most like to try
3. Twitter about the contest (comment or send me an @ reply to let me know so I don’t miss it!)
4. Add me to your blogroll (again, comment to let me know so I don’t miss it!)

That’s right, four ways to win – one contest entry given for each! Contest runs until Monday, May 25th at 12 noon, so get your entries in!

Good luck!



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62 responses to “Pretty Green Giveaway: WholeSoy & Co

  1. I’m a real big Plain Jane, no joke I go plain flavor.

  2. Lea

    I don’t have a blog, but I would love love to try some froyo. The Creme Caramel has my name all over it. ^^

  3. Creme Caramel, for sure! Yum!
    I’ll link back in my next post πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, and I meant the creme caramel frozen yogurt. Anyway, this post is to let you know that you’re on my blogroll πŸ™‚

  5. ooooo!!! I’d love to try any of their ice creams!!! and I’ll definitely twitter this contest and make sure your on my blogroll!!
    i love your contests!

  6. I’d love to try that mocha fudge frozen yogurt…it sounds so delicious!

    Posted and added to the blog roll.


  7. Mari

    plain vanilla sounds good to me!

  8. That’s a pretty incredible company response! Good job promoting the things you love.

  9. Creme Caramel pretty please with a cherry on top!

  10. Tiffany

    Yogurt – Blueberry
    Frozen Yo – Black Cherry … yum!

  11. oh, that creme caramel frozen yogurt sounds amazing and the chocolate hazelnut!!!

    i’ll post a link in my lunchtime post and add you to my blogroll!

  12. healthyfitmama

    I’d love to try the vanilla yogurt and the black cherry frozen yogurt. I recently had to give up dairy, so these would be great for me!

    I’m adding you to my blogroll.

  13. I would like to try the Soy FroYo – Vanilla Bean!

    I’ll be twittering this soon!

  14. Emily

    Fro Yo Black Cherry for me

  15. oh my so glad someone pointed out this giveaway! i’ve been trying to find a better choice for ice cream and this looks like it!! would love to try the frozen yogurt creme carmel

  16. Allison

    I’d love to try the Chocolate Hazelnut! yum!

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  18. Mmmm… I would definitely go for the Swiss Dark Chocolate (screams the chocoholic in me!)

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE plain wholesoy but have never tried the strawberry yogurt! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Kristen

    I would love to try the creme caramel flavor! Yum!!

  21. I would love to try the mocha fudge frozen yogurt!! I just linked back and added you to my blogroll!

  22. Laura E

    The mocha fugde frozen yogurt sounds amazing! Thanks for the opportunity. I don’t have a blog but would love to be entered.

  23. Dorothy

    Oh frozen yogurt sounds so good right now. I’d really like to try the Swiss Dark Chocolate! mmmmm

  24. AnAppleADay

    thank you! love their products

  25. june

    i love their vanilla flavor!

  26. hyang

    chocolate all the way. thank you πŸ™‚

  27. jk

    i would like to try their frozen strawberry yogurt

  28. jayme

    i don’t have a blog but i want to try their yogurts!

  29. Swiss chocolate, please! Yum yum – who can turn down free (non-dairy) frozen yogurt?!

  30. mocha fudge for sure!!! that sounds sooo delicious!!!

  31. Mmmm. I’m a fan of their plain yogurt. Would love to get my hands on a larger container of that stuff!

    Liking the sound of the mocha fudge frozen yogurt!

    Thank you!

  32. Katie

    Mmm I would want to have a scoop each of Chocolate Hazelnut and CrΓ¨me Caramel – and stir them together!! πŸ™‚

  33. Mmmmm… The swiss dark chocolate flavor sounds good…. I’m going to have to try some of this if I see it in the store….

  34. Oh…. and I added you to my blogroll too…

  35. ashley

    I would try blueberry yogurt!

  36. Kaley

    Just the vanilla…I’m that sort of girl πŸ˜‰

  37. Creme Carmel sounds so good. I wish I had it right now to enjoy while watching idol!

  38. lilveggiepatch

    The creme caramel looks delicious!

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  41. EL

    Black cherry frozen yogurt sounds delicious!

  42. tracy

    i’d like to check out apricot mango soy yogurt!

  43. chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt?! yes please!

  44. omg mocha fudge or vanilla bean froyo!

  45. Sue

    I have never heard of apricot mango yogurt- I would love to try that and the chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt!!

  46. Kelsey

    Awesome giveaway!!!
    chocolate hazelnut froyo sounds wonderful and raspberry yogurt would be perfect for my morning bowl :]

  47. Alex

    ice cream weather is finally here! i’d love to try the mocha fudge flavor

  48. I’ve been wanting to try WholeSoy & Co for a while now! I’d definitely go with the vanilla soy yogurt. But for the frozen yogurt, I’d love me some SWISS DARK CHOCOLATE. I LOVE dark chocolate ❀

    I've linked to this contest on my blog and added you to my blogroll πŸ™‚

  49. weightofitall

    I added you to my blogroll!

  50. Jill

    For yogurt, I have to say, I am a 100% plain girl-but that chocolate hazelnut FROZEN yogurt looks suuuuuuper delicious, IMHO.

  51. Emily

    I would like the try the creme carmel ice-cream flavor – yum!

    Linking from my blog now…..

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  53. The chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt is calling my name…
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. In addition to the twitter/lindaole, I just blogged about it here:

  54. Vanilla Bean or Caramel!!

  55. Monica

    Mmmmmm chocolate hazelnut is screaming my name!

  56. jane

    i’ve had the yogurt before and its yummy! i’d love to try the frozen yogurt- swiss dark chocolate would be divine πŸ™‚

  57. Swiss dark chocolate, hands down!

  58. Ally

    Chocolate Hazelnut – yuuuummmm! Thanks!

  59. Anything with chocolate in it!

  60. jenn.

    its too late for me =(..but i love the apricot mango! =)

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  62. Carolann

    I missed the contest because I just found this site. I am looking for more flavors in my area. Just came from out of state and brought home so many more flavors then I can get here. My challenge is now to find other stores that carry this product.

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