Watered Down

Last week, or maybe the week before, Arrowhead brought my workplace an unexpected and unwanted gift with their water delivery – two flats of plastic water bottles. Ugh! We already get the big jugs of water (which they pick up and I believe reuse) so WHY did they think we’d need these? I don’t care if they call them Eco-Shape Bottles – that’s greenwashing if I’ve ever heard it! I’m usually tap water all the way, but we don’t have a sink at work, and I just can’t bring myself to drink water from the bathroom sink. I just keep a giant UCLA cup on my desk that I refill from the water cooler throughout the day. Not difficult at all, and it even makes me drink more (water, that is)!

I told my coworkers that if I saw them drinking from one of these bottles, there would be NO baked goods for a very long time (I occasionally bake treats for the office – I work with all guys and one other girl). I also hid the bottles in another room, slightly out of sight, behind our giant recycling bin.


My threats and sneakiness apparently did not work, as I still saw a few of my coworkers drinking out of them. Yes, I gave them a hard time! I even called my boss out on Twitter. 😉 Luckily, we’re a small office and all get along really well. I really do try not to be preachy but seriously, just refill a cup from the water cooler! It’s just as convenient as picking up a bottle! Not to mention that drinking from plastic is not exactly good for you.

We’re having a sandwich potluck next week – everyone brings a sandwich or two cut into 4 pieces so we all get to try each other’s. Fun, huh? Anyway, I Replied to All with this:

I will also be baking something, provided no one is seen drinking from one of those stupid plastic water bottles all week. Seriously, people, bring a cup from home. 🙂

The amount of paper cups my office goes through for coffee and water a week is a whole other issue. One of my coworkers showed me the mug he brought from home yesterday (yay, Manoj!) and I’m hoping the rest follow suit. I’m actually thinking about buying everyone a cup with their name on it (resisting the sorority instinct to write them in colorful bubble letters), but I’m not sure if they’d use them.

Is your workplace green? Are there are any non-green habits at your job (or school, etc) that drive you crazy?



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9 responses to “Watered Down

  1. Could you guys give them to the homeless or something? At least knowing that someone who may not have access to fresh/clean water could get them, and then you can encourage them to use SF’s wonderful recycling program? I hate bottled water (I did my final speech in speech class on why you shouldn’t buy/drink it!!!) but I am also torn when someone buys some for you/gives it to you/etc and what to do with it. I will drink it but reuse the bottle repeatedly and find some use for it. My current bottle on my desk at work has a flower in it!

    The whole “eco” bottle thing KILLS me. It’s PLASTIC, people!!!!!

    My workplace is definitely NOT green. We have a Crystal water fountain with plastic cups on top. Most people fill up their own bottles/containers but some still drink a few sips from the cup and throw them away. I try to find a balance between educating and preaching, but it’s so frustrating when they JUST don’t get it. One of my co-worker brings her lunch in a plastic bag every day and then throws the bag away when she’s done. I bought her a Whole Foods bag and she uses it sometimes, but she says things like “oh but it’s so hard to remember it!” …ugh!

  2. janeterin

    That’s a great idea I didn’t think of! I’ll see if there is an org we can donate to!

    I can think of two times I’ve used a plastic water bottle in the past year – once, after running a half-marathon (for the next I’ll be prepared with my Sigg at the finish line!) and at a friend’s party where they handed it to me. That one is still sitting in my cabinet waiting to be reused. I like your flower idea!

    Ugh, I know exactly how you feel. It’s not hard to remember if it’s important to you, you know? There is no reason to toss out that cup after a few sips or bring a new bag every day! Drives me up the wall! I hope some day it becomes second nature for people to reject plastic and bring their own utensils, bottles, etc!

  3. yeah see I work at home and I am the boss so all green activities are strictly adhered to…that or dinner is burnt as hell 🙂
    my teenage son is our biggest trouble he buys everything in disposable containers and then chucks them although I have whipped him into to shape with recycling milk jugs

  4. ugh that’s SO frustrating! My office tries to be green but they miss the mark on some stuff. they just switched to biodegradable cups, spoons, forks etc. which is better..but still unnecessary to use that stuff. and the amount of waste here is ridic. like those healthy choice meals?? and fast food packaging? argh! it really gets to me.

  5. Next time, just ask Arrowhead to take the flats of water back when they switch out their containers. You can also ask the person in charge of water at your office to remove that off of your delivery options- that’s what we did at my prior company. That being said, sometimes it’s nice to have a few bottles around for clients- or at least cups.

  6. janeterin

    Luckily they don’t normally deliver them – it was a one-time thing. A “gift” I think, trying to get us to sign up for them. I think not! That’s a good idea to send them back – I think one of the flats is still unopened.

    We do have the paper cups for clients, which I don’t mind! I just wish the people who work there every day would bring their own!

  7. my workplace is def not green … but it’s trying!! still, so much gets thrown away that does not need to be.

    good for you for standing up to the practices where you are and trying to change your coworkers’ habits!

  8. My workplace is def green…I mean it’s not perfect but we’re going for (or maybe got?) LEED certified silver so all our cleaning products are “green,” we recycle pretty much everything possible (we’re even allowed to bring in our batteries to recycle at work), and we stopped selling bottled water at our cafe and instead have a free water pitcher. We redid our air-conditioning/heating system to be more engergy-smart, yadda yadda yadda. It’s in our mission to protect and respect our natural world, so we kinda have to walk the walk, haha.

  9. With little things, my workplace is trying – there are now compost and recycle bins everywhere in the cafeteria. But in the break rooms, we are still using styrofoam cups. I don’t understand that. Of course, there are larger initiatives – we actually have solar panels on certain buildings that generate some degree of electricity and interior office lights have motion control timers, to name just a few.

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