Pretty Green Tip: Ice Ice (Wine) Baby

I love wine. Like, a lot. Sometimes nothing’s better than coming home from work and pouring a big glass to have with (or before!) dinner. Or, ok, having a beer in the shower after a great workout – the most random thing I ever learned from having an alcoholic roommate (NOT my current roommate, by the way. Also, I only do the beer thing about once a year, probably, lest you think I am talking about an alcoholic “friend”). Boy, do I have some stories about that roommate. Someone remind me to tell the tale of Thanksgiving Apple Pie one of these days. 🙂

Anyway. Since I’m usually just cooking for me, and my roommate (again, not the alcoholic one!) and I aren’t always on the same schedule, I sometime don’t want to open a bottle if I won’t use it all up that week. Yes, I definitely could have a glass every night, but I probably shouldn’t. Also, I often cook with recipes that call for just a little bit of wine, which can be a pain, since, again I’m usually cooking for one. I hate opening a bottle and letting any of it go to waste!

The solution? Wine ice cubes! The other night I REALLY wanted a glass of Syrah, but knew I had plans the rest of the week and probably wouldn’t get to finish the bottle. So I made myself a HUGE glass of ice water to clear out my ice cube tray (can’t waste water, of course!) and filled it up with the rest of the bottle of wine. The next morning – voilà! Wine ice cubes!

By the way, I do not buy plastic baggies! A relative had sent me home with leftovers in one, so I washed and reused.

Mmm, wine ice cubes. I’m thinking about breaking one out for a Mandatory Popsicle Break one of these days! That’s totally acceptable, right?

My winecubes are now in the freezer ready to be used any time I have a recipe that calls for a little vino. Last night I made chicken with a red wine & shallot pan sauce – threw in a cube and it worked perfectly! Now I just have to make some white ones. C’mon, weather get warmer, so I can have a nice crisp glass of Chardonnay!

My friend Andrea points out that there are other great uses for your winecubes – like chilling a delicious Sangria or your lukewarm Pinot Grigio without watering it down! Is anyone else seriously craving some Sangria right now? Just me then?



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9 responses to “Pretty Green Tip: Ice Ice (Wine) Baby

  1. Andrea

    Wow that is a great idea – I always end up drinking the whole bottle within a few days so as not to waste wine because I LOVE me some wine but usually don’t want to drink more than a glass a night. This is perfect. I love having chilled wine during the summer too. I think this would also be a great idea to use wine cubes in fruit juice, kinda like a Sangria!

  2. janeterin

    Oh, totally – that is a great idea! I’m going to add that to the bottom of the post. Yay!

  3. I LOVE sangria! But now that I got that out of the way, I love idea of freezing leftover wine and using it for cooking. I don’t drink that much wine, so leftovers often go to waste and likewise, I leave it out of recipes because who wants to open a bottle for 1/2 cup? What a perfect solution! Now I need to find ice cube trays.. .:-)

  4. Jaime

    That is an awesome idea! I can’t wait for sangria season to arrive 😉 One of my very faves!

    I buy marinara sauce in a can from TJ’s (cheaper and better than most of their bottle potions, and no, I don’t make my own pasta sauce from scratch…someday) and it is always too much for one dinner. I think it would be a great idea to put the sauce in the ice cube trays too, or homemade pesto (I do make that!).

  5. Oh goodness. As someone who lives alone, I *hate* this problem. I’ve tried the ice cube thing and then tend to forget that I have them in my freezer :p

    So… I got one of those vacuum (not the kind that adds nitrogen) sealers – it seems to work pretty well.

    Mmmm. Sangria. I have a friend visiting (I’m an SF’er too) from DC next week and may just need to add Cha Cha Cha to our list of restaurants (Aziza, Burma Superstar, Mission burrito, Cafe Gratitude…).

  6. Thanks for another great idea. I’m in the same boat – I typically pop open a bottle on Fridays so that I have the whole weekend to drink it. But I’ll give this a try since I usually really, really need a glass of wine by mid-week, and this way, I don’t have to throw away wine that I can’t finish. How many days do you let your wine sit out before turning them into ice cubes?

  7. LOVE IT. I’m totally coming home on Sunday and sucking down some of your wine goodness.

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  9. …I don’t really see the problem here…I, myself, don’t drink…but I use wine in cooking ALL the time. Once a bottle is opened and a splash used in a pot of sauce or to season a saute, I firmly replace the cork and put the wine back on the shelf. Sometimes it takes me a while to get through a bottle of wine, but as long as it remains well sealed in between uses, it doesn’t seem to degrade or ‘go to waste’ in any way.

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