Pretty Green Giveaway: The Natural Dentist

I am very excited to announce a PGG contest! Or maybe I should call it a Pretty Green Girl Giveaway – PGGG!


Earlier this month, I posted about my quest for a natural toothpaste that tastes good and is environmentally-friendly, and how pleased I was to have found one I like. Susan from The Natural Dentist found my post, and we came up with a contest to let 2 lucky readers win a prize pack! It will contain an assortment of rinses and toothpastes – Susan will actually work with the winners to pick out the perfect prize pack (if you have kids, want something whitening, prefer fluoride-free, etc!). How cool is that?

To enter:
1. Leave a comment on this blog with what The Natural Dentist product you’d most like to try.
2. Bonus entry if you link from your blog to the contest
3. Bonus entry if you tweet about the contest on Twitter! Let me know if you do!

You have until Friday, April 24 at NOON, PST to enter. Winners (picked randomly) will be announced Friday afternoon!



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24 responses to “Pretty Green Giveaway: The Natural Dentist

  1. Rhey

    I would like to try the regular, non-whitening toothpaste and the fluoride rinse. The only natural toothpaste I have tried is also the one that you found to taste terrible, so I am interested in a different experience.

  2. this is great!! James and i were JUST talking about how we wanted to get away from our chemical-y toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo!! this would be the perfect first step 🙂

    I would want to try the Healthy Teeth & Gums Whitening Plus Toothpaste – Peppermint Twist

  3. Oooo! a green toothpaste that tastes good?????????? (sorry toms of maine, you are not my favorite thing to clean my teeth with!) the whitening plus original one looks awesome!!
    and I tweeted for you!

  4. JC

    So you mean this won’t taste like a mouthful of baking soda!?! I’m game to try the reguarly healthy teeth and gums tootphaste.

  5. Great giveaway! I just tweeted it (@TheHappyRunner).

    I would try the sparkle berry blast for my son.

    I’ve downloaded the coupon, too. Thanks!

  6. Errign

    I would love to try the flouride rinse and the original toothpaste! My toothpaste right now is soo full of junk! What a great contest!

  7. Arielle

    The healthy gums rinse would be great because my gums are always bleeding and they’re even receding! Ouch. Awesome giveaway 🙂

  8. I would love to try the pre-brush whitening rinse.

  9. Dorothy

    I’d probably like to try the original formula orange zest! That sounds pretty cool! Love the blog!

  10. Pre-brush whitening rinse for me too.

  11. Katie

    I would like to try the whitening pre-rinse and the whitening plus toothpaste.

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  13. Giveaways are fun! I would like to try the Healthy Teeth & Gums Whitening Plus Toothpaste – Peppermint Twist!

  14. Anne K.

    I’d like to try the pre-brush whitening rinse. It looks pretty cool!

  15. I would LOVE to try the whitening toothpaste.

    I’ll Tweet this up too. Great contest!

  16. Tiffany

    ANY toothpaste! My husband and I have tried a few natural toothpastes and thought “yuck”. It gets a little expensive (and wasteful!) to keep throwing away $10 tubes of toothpaste, so we’re still using the Crest for now! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Laura

    the original peppermint twist or the orange zest flavors both sound good.
    I kind of want to try the kids flavor but I don’t feel like my teeth are clean unless there’s a mint flavor in my mouth.
    I want to try it all! Its too hard to decide!

  18. I am with Laura, I really do like a minty flavor. While I prefer Spearmint, Peppermint is good too. I would very much be interested in trying the Healthy Teeth & Gums Whitening Plus Toothpaste – Peppermint Twist, and the All Natural Antigingivitis Rinse.

    I have no problems with fluoride and such, as it is in the plain ‘ol tap water I drink daily.

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  20. I’ve recently just switched to natural toothpaste and would love to try this brand!! I’m interested in their whitening rinse and the Peppermint whitening toothpaste!

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  22. Sheridan Gayer

    Amazing! I had a root canal this week, so a good natural toothpaste is just what the dentist ordered. I would love to try the Healthy Teeth & Gums Whitening Plus Toothpaste – Peppermint Twist … because as my Mom described the last natural toothpaste I made her try … it tasted like clay. I would love one that doesn’t!!

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