Mandatory Popsicle Break

It is hot, hot, hot in the Bay Area today! So I declare a mandatory Popsicle break sometime this week. Or ice lollies, as my British coworker calls them. A few of us just snuck downstairs to have them, and it was the perfect treat on this summery day!

Make yours organic, or better yet, make your own with reusable Popsicle molds!

Who’s in?



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5 responses to “Mandatory Popsicle Break

  1. I’m in! I haven’t made popsicles in soo long. That watermelon one looks particularly amazing.

  2. My grandmother used to make us popsicles using reusable molds- brings back good memories! Great idea. It’s freaking hot today.

  3. ice lollies!! oh god-they shall never again be popsicles. my mom used to have a set of the molds, i wonder what happened to them….
    Choc covered vegan just had a post about popsicles, oh the coincidences.

  4. janeterin

    I know, isn’t ice lollies such a cute way to put it? We made fun of him, but I’m totally adopting it, too.

    I think I’m going to need to buy some molds and make some ASAP!

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