Pretty Green Tip: Lint Trap

Does this qualify me for Passive Aggressive Notes? I did use two smiley faces…

I was just doing my laundry and got a little frustrated that I always have to clean out my neighbors’ lint, especially those who have dogs (neighbors, I know who you are! grrr). I always clean out the trap after I dry my clothes, so I thought a little reminder to others to do the same was in order. Plus, it’s way more efficient for the dryer. According to Planet Green, cleaning the lint trap can improve your dryer efficiency – and save lives! Apparently lint causes tens of thousands of fires a year. Scary! If my first note doesn’t work, I might need to add that little tidbit.

I discovered tons of sites with ideas on how to reuse your dryer lint, too. I’m not quite ready to take it that far (though I do think you can compost it), but I’ll keep you “posted!” ๐Ÿ™‚

One more thing: check out Heather’s great post on going green over at be well & take care. Heather’s blog is great (entertaining, thoughtful and thought-provoking!) and she has some awesome tips and reminders about how we can make green changes in our lives every day!

Have you ever left a passive aggressive note?



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6 responses to “Pretty Green Tip: Lint Trap

  1. Thanks for the love!

    I am sort of the queen of passive aggressive notes/e-mails around the office. I’ve tried to confront people on it (not replacing the toilet paper, leaving dirty dishes in the sink for a week, allowing their soup to explode in the microwave and then not cleaning it up, etc.) so I pasted big notes all over the bathrooms at work. People will know it was me and they will whisper about me behind my back, but seriously, if you cannot use the bathroom like an adult and clean up after yourself, then go pee behind the dumpster! Ugh.

    Dryer lint is my pet peeve. My parents instilled that one in me ages ago since my brother would never clean it out. Now I do it all the time and I’m often the one to remind people. Hopefully the neighbors will shape up!

  2. hey you can use dryer lint for birds nests you just gently set out little bits in trees and in the grasses when the birds are coming back in spring and they will pick it up and build with it
    We have found old nests with dryer lint and our dogs hair in it, too cool

  3. My mom loves to send passive aggressive emails with a row of smiley faces after each “I’m not trying to offend you but I’m about to offend you” comment.

    I agree with about the lint trap and think you were totally in the right to leave a note. Good to know about dryer efficiency as well!

  4. You already know but yes, 2 smiley faces is passive aggressive. Fortunately, no one’s really opposed to cleaning out the lint trap – sometime people just need a reminder.

    That all said, I agree that improving appliance efficiency is one of the easiest (but least sexy) ways of reducing energy usage, and thereby carbon emissions. Unplugging TVs, stereos, and computers when they’re not in use is probably the easiest (and one of the best) actions to take!

  5. janeterin

    I hope it works!

    Good tips, Chris! I should do a post on those, too. My Dad always says he knows I’ve been over because his toaster is unplugged. ๐Ÿ™‚

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