Weekend Highlights: Refillable containers, recycled napkins and a diry little secret!

I had a great weekend – the sun was out every day, which was awesome for reducing my carbon footprint. I walked everywhere!

Some highlights:

*Indian food with my girls, and free champagne at a friend’s favorite bar – the bartenders love her there! I had to get a shot of the recycled napkins used as coasters. I kind of think coasters are pointless and wasteful, but this one’s better than others!

Clearly, I need a refill!

*Walked 2.5 miles to have dinner with my friend, then we walked a mile to another bar, a mile to another bar after that, and another 1/3 a mile home! Had 1.5 beers, and approximately 10 glasses of water, hold the straw. The bartender accidentally gave me a straw anyway, out of habit. When we teased him about it, he made sure to point out that they compost. Sweet!

*Scored three really cute new shirts at a thrift store, and one adorable pair of lightly worn metallic wedges (used to kind of weird me out, but honestly I think it’s no different than borrowing shoes from a friend). But they broke like a half an hour into wearing them! Taking them to the shoe repair store this week so I can get them fixed. Keeping & fixing what you have – way more eco-friendly than buying something new to replace it!

*As promised, I brought my hummus container back to the store to have it refilled. I ran it through the dishwasher and it was as good as new! If you have to get plastic, don’t throw it out: Reuse! Here’s the really nice guy who works there handing me over my hummus. He told me not to put the picture up, but I told him it was too late. 😀 He mentioned they use Styrofoam and was wondering if there was any way to reuse it. I told him I try not to get it, but he said it’s the only option they use right now. I am going to see if I can talk him into compostable cartons in the future, and he said it was totally ok if I brought my own tupperware for hummus and take-out. Yay, Apollo Market! Remember – you can always ask if you can bring your own containers – it saves packaging and saves the store money, too!


* Breakfast at my favorite spot in the City, Zazie. I walked there, too! Since it’s Passover, I couldn’t get my favorite thing ever – gingerbread pancakes with roasted pear and lemon curd – so I bought the lemon curd to bring home. It unfortunately came in a little plastic container (the same kind the hummus came in), but I will definitely reuse it! I had the lemon curd later with some vanilla bean Wallaby yogurt. So good! And my omelette with white cheddar, avocado and chicken-apple sausage was pretty darn good, too.

No, that’s not a giant egg! Yogurt + lemon curd = amazing!

And now… my dirty little secret. Yes, this goes against pretty much everything I believe in: it’s packaged, it’s artificial, it’s a color not found in nature. Yup, I’m talking about Peeps. It brings to mind one of my favorite quotes – Everything in moderation, including moderation. Here you see them peeking out from my junk drawer. They’re sitting there getting stale as we speak – the best way to eat them!

Oh Peeps, you delicious, artificial sugar bomb!

All in all, a pretty great weekend! What did you do?



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5 responses to “Weekend Highlights: Refillable containers, recycled napkins and a diry little secret!

  1. I had a lot of respect for you, until we got to the Peeps. I find them vile- almost as vile as potatoes. However, they look very cute “peeping” out of your drawer. They also look slightly evil, however, so I will lock my door and hide in my room until you get home.

    Sounds like you walked a lot this weekend- awesome! Great to remember that we have two feet that keep our bodies strong and don’t hurt the environment!

  2. How fantastic that you walked so much!! And I love that you reused your plastic container… and that you actually talk to the guy about packaging. You’re defiitely doing your part 🙂

  3. Wow you rock! I can’t wait for the snow to stop so I can get out. I like the quote.

  4. janeterin

    Thanks, guys! I try. 😉

    Jaime, you know Peeps are awesome. I’m making you a Peep & potato omelette. And Caramelized Peep mashed potatoes.

  5. If you feed me that, I will cut you. 😉

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