A Green Prom

I love this idea Whole Foods and Teens Turning Green are sponsoring – Project Green Prom. It encourages students to “green” their proms by making more eco-friendly choices for their hair, makeup, transportation, flowers and more. Love it! They have some great tips on what beauty products to look for, and it’s awesome that they suggest buying used dresses and accessories, or those made of sustainable materials, as well as shopping locally. There are actually some great links in the Fashion section and beyond that I hadn’t seen before, so I encourage you to check out this site even if, like me, you are well beyond your prom-going days!


It cracks me up that they suggest transport via Rickshaw. I would LOVE to see high school students all dressed up in their eco-friendly prom gear ridin’ a rickshaw. Please, if anyone out there is doing this, send me pictures! I’ll send you some kind of prize, promise!


On the Prom note, if you have any bridesmaids or prom dresses lying around, check out this site, Donate My Dress. It lists organizations that will collect your gently-used, fashionable dresses and accessories and give them to high school girls who can’t afford them. I just gave a bunch of my old dresses to the Princess Project in February. If you missed the deadline (like I did two years ago), put a note on your online calendar and hold on to them for next year!



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4 responses to “A Green Prom

  1. I love this idea- but I have to say, the rickshaw definitely would NOT work super well in a big city. Can you imagine what kind of chaos that would incite?

  2. Neat! Man, when I went to the prom it was ALL about fake nails and hairspray. Nothing green about it. 🙂

  3. haha, transport via rickshaw??? i’d LOVE to see that.

  4. so a rickshaw may not really be that “prom glam” but i can totally see a horse & carriage being awesome.

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