Tree Hugger: Homemade Coloring Books

How adorable is this drawing, courtesy of one of the cute kids I babysit for? I actually drew the outline, and he colored it in, but I just love it! I took a picture and he kept the hard copy to give to his parents.


We ended up making a bunch of these “homemade coloring books” while I was there – I had a blast drawing the outlines, despite my lack of artistic talent, and he loved coloring them in. It got me thinking – why buy coloring books when you can make your own out of recycled items, like the inside of cereal boxes, old envelopes, pretty much any scrap of paper you have lying around that is big enough! And check out this adorable post on Make and Takes on making homemade crayons from broken pieces of Crayola. I smell a fun art project in my future… ahh, the smell of crayons!



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4 responses to “Tree Hugger: Homemade Coloring Books

  1. That’s such a good idea! And not only is it more eco-friendly, it’s cheaper than buying those coloring books that you color and then throw away! I bet people could ask co-workers or friends for empty cereal boxes etc if they needed more scrap paper 🙂

  2. I think you’ve got a great idea here- besides- it’s very therapeutic to draw- and color!

  3. awwww, so cute! and i think your artistic talent is quite present in that tree 🙂

    my grandma actually used to keep me busy by having me make “drip candles” by melting old crayon pieces. they were so pretty, and i LOVED that smell!

  4. janeterin

    Thanks guys! Hallie, collecting cereal boxes is a super awesome idea, I love it!

    Jaime, lets save ours for future adventures in babysitting. 😉

    Sarah – haha, yeah that was one of my better ones. You would crack up if you saw some of the other things I tried to draw. Which is why there is no evidence of those ones! 😉 Ooh, crayon candles – how fun!!

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