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Pretty Green Tip: Get it “For Here”

I had some time to kill late Friday afternoon while I was waiting for a friend to get off work. I had a long night (comedy show and drinks with friends) ahead of me, so some coffee was in order. I walked by this super cute new coffee place called The Creamery (shouldn’t they sell ice cream? Ah, oh well) and stopped in for a cuppa iced coffee. Since I had time to spare, I got it “for here,” saving a plastic or paper cup. If you have the time, why not sit down and enjoy yourself with a “real” cup?


Short on time? Don’t forget to bring your own super-cute reusable cup to fill up! Check out this one I spied at the salon the other day. Looks like paper, but it’s porcelain! Yes, I totally asked the girl next to me if I could “take a picture for my blog.”


If you can’t find them for sale in your own city (hint: try a museum gift shop), check out Uncommon Goods. It is – unfortunately – made in Taiwan, but we can’t win ’em all, right?



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