After resisting and proclaiming “I don’t get it” for so long, I’ve decided to Twitter. Yeah, I know. I’m obsessed with updating my Facebook status, though, so why not? (By the way, how cool am I? I even have a Google Doc called “Future Facebook Status Updates.” I know. Not cool! ;))


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Do you Twitter? Do you *get* Twitter?



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10 responses to “Tweet

  1. this is funny! I was JUST saying how I didn’t “get” twitter to my co worker. HA!

  2. janeterin

    And then Tina at Carrots N Cake just posted about it, too. Guess it’s on everyone’s mind – how meta! Haha.

  3. I’ve been “Twittering” for my job for awhile, so that’s how I got into it. I only started my personal account (I just “followed” you) a little while ago. One cool thing you can do is sign up to have your blog posts automatically show up in your Twitter feed. It is a little hard to explain to people; I get funny looks. I either call it a “mini-blog” or say, “it’s like a whole page of Facebook status updates” 🙂

  4. janeterin

    Ooh, Hallie I didn’t know that. How do you do it? I’m still figuring out this whole thing! 🙂

    Thanks for following me! Right back at ya! Man, that sounds weird, haha.

  5. skyler

    It seems kind of redundant when you update your facebook status AND your twitter thing… And some people write the same thing on both, which seems silly. I signed up originally for trivia research, but then some others joined/added me, so I am trying to keep it up at least a little.

    I don’t know what a Google doc is, but are you saying that you have a list of things that you are planning to post as your status at some point in the future??

  6. janeterin

    Yeah I know what you mean, Skyler. I kept forgetting which I had updated. 🙂

    Yeah it’s just like a word doc but saved online so you can access it from any computer. And yup…sometimes a status update idea will cross my mind but I don’t want to use it right then so I’ll write it down. I know, SO dorky!

  7. skyler

    But it’s supposed to be your status *right then* and not your status as of a couple hours ago or yesterday or whatever! So yes, I agree you’re a dork. Unless you’re just writing down some awesome reviews and are waiting for just the right moment to lift our spirits with them.

  8. I was pretty anti-twitter for a while, but i recently joined and actually really like it. I like “following” people with similar interests/in the health field for new articles, and buzz that I can find out about! Facebook status updates and twittering i think should have very different purposes. Fbook is more for friends, and you can write whatever is on your mind. I view twitter as a forum to share new buzz and ideas! But maybe that’s just me….
    anyways-i’m following you!

  9. janeterin

    Haha, Skyler. But like for example my status today (Janet
    loves that meter maids get to ride around on vehicles called INTERCEPTOR. Lovely, Rita) occurred to me last night, and could be put up as a status anytime. 😉 I’ll find some reviews to put up soon, too (to fill everyone else in – I sometimes put up funny reviews that people leave about the Horoscopes I write).

    I was the same way, Elizabeth. I was like, what’s this all about, but it’s actually pretty fun, and you’re right, it does have a different purpose. I’m getting to follow people I might feel weird Facebook-friending, since I don’t actually know them! Thanks for following me – right back atcha! 😀

  10. HAHAHHAHAHAH you have a google doc for future facebook status updates!!! VERY cool 😉

    people keep telling me i should do twitter, but i confess … i just don’t get it :-/ i’m sure i’ll be converted soon enough …

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