I love my Saturday horoscope.


Leo: Little changes make a difference. Do something eco-friendly today and you’ll feel fabulous!

I mean, I wrote it, but whatever. It’s still sage advice. 😉

(I apologize for the horrendous grammar in many of these horoscopes. I have to write a lot of them with tight character limits! Oh well, the “kids” seem to like them!)

My challenge to you today (and everyday): make one fun, fabulous eco-friendly change today. Bring a cute reusable bag, go to a Farmers Market, choose NOT to buy something that comes in plastic, buy something used. Maybe do something you wouldn’t normally, and then let me know what it was and how good it made you feel!



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3 responses to “Zanzabar

  1. as i read, i’m eating my homemade yogurt with the metal spoon i brought instead of the plastic one from the office, yay!

  2. I am reusing the ziploc bags that my American Apparel gym stuff came in… great for airline travel!

  3. janeterin

    Awesome, you guys! That makes me happy! 🙂

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