The Next Day an Asparagus Came and It Was Not Friendly

Hello, spring!


I was happy to find asparagus at the Farmers Market two weeks ago – first crop of the season! I had been planning to title this post Waiting for Asparagus, but then I remembered this story my mother transcribed. I have a whole book of stories I told her when I was between two and four years old. I really encourage those of you with children, or those planning to have them, to do this. They’re so fun and adorable to read now. My Mom and I cracked up when we first found this again.

October 2, 1984
Once a time there was a kitty cat. The kitty didn’t meow, it said woo(f). And the next day it meowed again. But not really. It really woofed, woofed, woofed.

The next day an asparagus came and it was not friendly. And the next day it was good again, but a dog bit it in the leg and the arm because it hit the dog.

That’s all, that’s the end. An asparagus is not real, it’s pretend, just make-believe.

I have so many more of these stories, but I don’t want to go all Kathie Lee on you guys. Maybe I’ll post a few from time to time. A shocking number of them are about candy. 🙂

Friendly Roasted Asparagus (it’ll make you believe!)
Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
Trim or snap dry parts of stems (then compost them)
Drizzle with (organic) olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Perhaps a sprinkle of garlic powder, if you’d like.
Roast under bright and tender.




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4 responses to “The Next Day an Asparagus Came and It Was Not Friendly

  1. Love the story. We have my husbands ‘recipe’ for snowball sandwiches.
    Roasted asparagus is to die for, seriously.

  2. hahahaha, such a cute story. i love remnants from early childhood like that! and yayyyyyy for spring — i’m so glad asparagus is back!

  3. YUM
    i love asparagus. it’s not in season here *yet* but i wait anxiously for june. last summer at my bf’s parents’ farm, i got to see asparagus in the ground for the first time ever at it was so cool. they are pretty crazy looking.

    one of my favorite lines in one of my favorite books (animal, vegetable, miracle, by barbara kingsolver) is something like “i have staked out my future in asparagus”
    someday, like she did, i will leave asparagus everywhere i go 😉

  4. You have, in fact, changed the way I view asparagus.

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