Tom’s of Maine: Do Not Want

As the name of my blog (hopefully) implies, I’m always on the search for new, fun, cute, convenient eco-friendly products. However. Even I have to admit that sometimes the versions available do not cut it. Like Tom’s of Maine. The company has a lot going for it. They don’t test on animals. They give back to the community. They tell you what all-natural ingredients are in their products (a lot of companies do not). I really, really want to like their toothpaste. But I don’t. I’ve tried several kinds. My sister thinks I can convince myself to like it – she convinced herself to like chard when she had an abundance of it in her school garden, after all. But blech. I don’t like it. Do Not Want.

But maybe I should give them another chance. Has anyone tried a flavor they like? Or are there any other eco-friendly toothpastes that don’t make you want to gag?




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9 responses to “Tom’s of Maine: Do Not Want

  1. Wow, I thought I was alone here. I’ve tried various flavors of Tom’s (the mints, black currant, apricot, even the kids strawberry) and hated them all equally. I do love their lemon lime mouthwash, though. My favorite toothpastes are Trader Joe’s peppermint (no sulfates or artificial sweetners) and Kiss My Face’s aloe vera whitening. The TJ’s has more of a “natural” taste that you get used to after a few brushes (I’ve grown to love it) and the Kiss My Face stuff (that I actually got as a sample and now I will be hunting down) reminds me of conventional toothpaste that I am so very used to.

    I’ve been reading about people brushing their teeth with castile soap and while it scares me, I am intrigued because it can save a lot of packaging.

  2. janeterin

    Haha, glad I’m not alone, either!

    Great suggestions! I’m totally going to check those out ASAP. I’m going to my fave health food store tonight so I will have to see what they have! Kiss My Face – love that brand name!

    Whoa… like with Dr. Bronners? That scares me, too. I think my orthodontist/dentist would not approve. 😉

  3. I will just say that the TJ’s does have flouride which some people are not all about, but I’m more worried about sulfates and artificial sweetners. To each their own, y’know? I love Kiss My Face stuff – they’ve had a rocky past with parabens and whatnot, but they have some great stuff. I’ve found that some of it is a bit more affordable than other natural/organic brands, as well.

    Dr. Bronners scares me too! I’ve seen a lot of people do it but I’m scared. There’s a million uses for that stuff so I am sure I am getting enough uses out of it.

  4. Jaime

    I have totally brushed my teeth with Dr. Bronners! It’s pretty gross, and you have to be REALLY careful to only use the tiniest drop, because it’s so foamy and strong. That being said, I only do that while backpacking for weight conservation (and because I feel more badass when i don’t pack a ton of things ;-). I really like Tom’s spearmint gel (and the peppermint/baking soda, but I can see what you mean about most of their other flavas.

    A lot of people seem to brush their teeth with baking soda, like just sprinkling it on and then brushing. If you can handle the salty taste, that’s a good option. But I reckon that if you don’t like Tom’s, you probably won’t dig the baking soda. Keep us updated on what you find!

  5. janeterin

    Jaime, you are totally badass! I knew there were like a zillion uses for that stuff, but toothpaste – who woulda thunk it? 😉 I’m gonna to look for some that Heather suggested – Kiss My Face sounds like a good option! I’m ok with fluoride, but would love to cut artificial sweeteners. The only ones I have left in my life are in toothpaste and gum, and I’m trying to change that. But if all else fails, I’ll try the Tom’s you recommended, J!

    I will do a follow-up soon!

  6. i do not like tom’s of maine, either!! i hate the taste, i hate those tough metal tubes, etc. but, sadly, i do not know of other eco-friendly products :-/

  7. I’ve tried it before and I feel the same way that you do. It’s just not very refreshing and it tastes like concrete.

  8. So I was at The Real Food Company today and saw ADA-approved non-Tom’s toothpaste called “Jason’s”. Now, I have no idea why these companies are owned by egotistical men who insist on having their first names as the name of the company as well, but…

    that being said, I think we should have a Great Toothpaste Off! I will pick up a couple of flavors next week and we can discuss.

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