“Green” beer

I had a great time celebrating St. Patrick’s with my friends last night. I planned to drink local beer as my “green” beer, but the first bar we went to didn’t have any! I settled for an organic beer from New Belgium, based in Colorado – Mothership Wheat. And, well, it wasn’t my favorite. It tasted like… meat.

I don’t know why I look drunk here. I’d had approximately 1 sip of beer so far. It’s my don’t-show-my-braces-smile, I guess!

Later we went to Rogue, where we had some great beer brewed in Oregon. The Mocha Porter and Hazelnut Brown Nectar were delicious! But they were served in plastic cups! Boo! I know bars sometimes do that when they’re preparing for big crowds, but I’m thinking of writing a letter or a review asking them to stick to glass. It never hurts to reach out! I did have the bartender reuse our cups when we got another round, though. Hey, every bit helps! I had my friend Kim take a funny picture of me making a sad face at the plastic cup, but I’ll have to get it from her.

Here are some fun pictures of me & my friends throughout the night! I’m in green, of course!

All the girls!

Does my hair look shiny?


Off for a day of thrift shopping with my sister! Hopefully I’ll find some cool stuff – buying second-hand is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!



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8 responses to ““Green” beer

  1. fun night! i think your don’t-show-the-braces smile is cute, but i bet it would still be cute if you let the inner metal-mouth out, too!

    and yes, your hair does look shiny. clearly the homemade conditioner was a success!

  2. yay I love thrift shopping!!

    and ps I think you’ll like the post I just did! all very environmentally friendly 🙂

  3. janeterin

    Aww, thanks Sarah! My friends made me practice taking pictures showing them this weekend, ha. You’ll notice those aren’t online! 🙂

    Off to catch up on your blogs, ladies! It was a busy weekend!

  4. Nice. I fully support second-hand shopping- Crossroads especially!

  5. janeterin

    I actually got the shirt I’m wearing in the picture there!! I need to take a trip to the one in our ‘hood soon. My sister and I went to the one on Fillmore, and I didn’t find anything, but she scored some Paper, Denim & Cloth jeans for $27! And she got a Marc Jacobs hoodie for $13.50 at the Town School Clothes Closet (but they really didn’t have anything else good). It was orig $45 but everything was 70% off. Seriously – $45 at a thrift shop? My sister is like, who is Marc Jacobs? I hate that guy!

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  7. Oh you guys are so CUTE!

  8. janeterin

    Aww you are so sweet! Thank you!

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