Green hair, green beer

Happy Fake St. Patrick’s Day, all!

So, in honor of St. Patty’s (I’m celebrating today and Tuesday!), I thought I’d do something “green” for my hair. I’ve been on the search for great green hair products and have tried a bunch, but I haven’t found any that have worked great for my dry, thick hair. I had been thinking about making a homemade deep conditioner for awhile, and when I realized I had an avocado in my fridge I wasn’t going to eat in time, I thought, perfect! It’s rare that an avocado doesn’t get eaten in my house, but I got two of these non-Hasses from my CSA, and I didn’t really love ’em. So avocado deep hair treatment, here I come!

I looked up some recipes online, and most involved mashing up the avocado with mayo. I’m not a mayo fan, and thus didn’t have any on hand, but I decided I’d try using olive oil (2 tsp) and a dash of honey.

Well. Things didn’t go exactly according to plan. Maybe the mayo was key – or maybe I should have really pureed the avocado. I have pretty thick hair and one avocado did not go a long way. So I basically ended up with chunks (ew, I hate that word! why did I use it? Ha, oh well) of avocado randomly dispersed around my head. I kept it in for about 20 min, and then rinsed it out with this new Aloe vera shampoo I got on one of my little local business supporting walks.

I know – how MySpace are these pictures?? 😉 Just being goofy. I mean, I basically had guacamole on my head. Which reminds me – can anyone name where this quote comes from, “These people are such avocado heads.” It’s my favorite show of all time!

I just dried my hair (and, honestly, combed out the rest of the avocado, ha) and while it’s not quite Pantene-commercial-shiny, I think it looks healthier, bottle-free! Hopefully I’ll get some cute pics tonight. 🙂

If you don’t have avocados on hand, there are lots of other things you could use to make a homemade deep conditioner: olive oil, bananas (I don’t buy them, but if you have extra on hand that are starting to turn and you don’t want to make banana bread, this would be a great alternative), yogurt or milk & honey, etc! I plan on trying out a bunch of different concoctions in the future, but you could totally Google any extra ingredients you have lying around to see what you can do with them!

Off to meet some friends for some green beer! For me, that means a local brew!



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3 responses to “Green hair, green beer

  1. hahaha, what an experiment! i love it 🙂

    have fun tonight. yayyyyy, irish!

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